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10 Vital Facts About Tobacco Product Packing to Grow Your Business

Packaging has a significant influence on purchase decisions as it is what consumers perceive as the face of your brand. It is important to consider that up to 90 percent of a product’s or service’s value and appeal is in the packaging. Thus, it has become imperative for businesses in the tobacco industry to choose tasteful and attractive packaging options in order to grow their business. You will see pre roll box and other packages for tobacco products in the market.

A study conducted by Philip Morris International (PMI) found these common beliefs about cigarette packs: one-third of people think packs are too plain; one-fifth prefer unbranded designs, and 50 percent believe current pack color schemes attract minors. Further, just 13 percent of adults think that branded packs would deter underage people from smoking.

So, it’s time to talk about the ways in which product packaging can help “grow your business.” Why? Because you can’t grow if you don’t understand these 10 important facts about tobacco product packing. Let’s learn more below.

Exploring Tobacco Product Packing and Your Business

1) An emotional connection with an audience:

It can be achieved through strategic product packaging design. Marketers often create long-lasting relationships with their customers through emotional connections. Our culture is driven by emotions. Marketers need to understand how their target market thinks, especially when they are purchasing a new product. A successful tobacco product packaging design will successfully create an emotional connection with the audience. We are all hardwired for emotional connections!

2) Reflects your brand’s identity:

It is very important that tobacco product packing reflects your brand’s identity. It can help attract consumers at first glance and encourage them to purchase your products over someone else’s. Your customers cannot always ask questions about your brands, so you have to make sure that it is self-explanatory, so consumers know exactly who they are making a transaction with before they even walk up closer to your display merchandising area at retail stores or vendors’ booths.

3) It must get noticed:

It is the first impression that makes a difference between quitting and buying your brands. If you fail to draw attention in this period, it’s almost guaranteed that consumers will take another look at products in other displays or racks. So, what your package design should do is stand out and be unique, so it gets noticed and remembered by potential customers.

4) Be distinctive:

This means you have to choose one ideal color for all of your packaging materials, such as cigarette packs, cigar boxes, etc. You also need to include catchphrases or slogans that will help familiarize your brand with the audience, such as playful tag lines. This can help them identify with products when they’re shopping around for them.

5) Use slim and strong packaging:

There’s a diversity in terms of where you’ll find these products sold, and that includes convenience stores, gas stations, supermarkets and even online outlets. So, you need to choose a clamshell or hard case box for your product because it will provide the best defense against falling off shelves during transport. Furthermore, it will give your brand an expensive look since most premium brands use this type of packaging.

6) Offer sufficient space for branding:

You should be able to offer at least 50% of space on the pack for branding purposes because it can help build up recognition if done right, which is what every company wants in the end. Just keep in mind that there’s no point in using too much space on your box because barcodes and product information should be easy to read as well.

7) Display labels for product information:

If you want customers to understand what’s inside the pack, then you need to display the ingredients or even a short description wherever possible. Most countries already have strict laws regarding this matter, so make sure you comply with them before thinking about using stickers to achieve this goal.

8) Be consistent with colors:

A highly recognizable color scheme can help build brand recognition, and that’s exactly what every business owner should strive for in the end. You should try and keep your branding colors close to each other as long as they’re not too similar at first glance. That way, consumers will easily associate your products with your business.

9) The power of typography:

Choosing the right typography is also a vital part of product packaging. You have to offer your products in boxes or bags so shoppers can easily pick them up from the shelf and take them home once they have made a choice. That’s why you should keep this factor in mind at all times. Typography serves the same goal as well, especially if you’re working on a budget since it can help turn a cheap-looking package into something that looks much more expensive.

10) Sizing is important

It might sound counterproductive at first, but there’s no better way to advertise your brand than by choosing larger packaging. In fact, types of modern businesses decide to opt for larger packages because they feature better exposure. If you are selling groceries, health products or cosmetics, bigger boxes will definitely grab the attention of potential customers so they’ll notice your business name on them. But for tobacco products you need compact packaging boxes like cigarette boxes and others. These boxes are easy to carry, so customer like them.

Should I go with transparent product packaging?

It’s true that most shoppers want to see exactly what they’re buying before making a purchase. But others may hate it instead since it doesn’t offer enough privacy. To be safe, try to balance these two things out by choosing translucent or opaque cardboard boxes. You can then use eye-catching images or patterns on your product packaging.

Concluding Remarks

Tobacco is a product that you should definitely pay attention to because cigarettes are very addictive. To appeal to smokers, be sure to include all the essential facts on your product packaging. That way, they’ll trust you immediately and make a purchase right away.

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