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10 Ways to Help Your Child Succeed in Elementary School

Your child’s first day at school is one of the most memorable moments for a parent and the child itself. Elementary school is the first step into the world, and hence it is best to enroll your child in a school that provides an excellent education. In Dubai international school are known for their teaching methodologies and infrastructure.

Once parents enroll their children into elementary school, there are certain aspects they are required to keep in mind to allow the child to grow in wisdom and proficiency. Read the article and find out 10 ways to help your child succeed in elementary school.

1. Keep in contact with the school and teachers

One way to stay connected with what’s happening in your child’s academics is to ensure parents stay connected with the teachers. Whenever the school holds discussions, ensure parents attend. These meetings highlight the student’s progress and the school’s teaching methods.

2. Give importance to regular attendance

Encouraging your child to stay home and skip school is not healthy habit parents must engage in. As much as possible, parents must ensure the child stays healthy and attends elementary school regularly. This way, children will not miss any lessons and inculcate a habit of regular attendance.

3. Show interest in the school activities

Most schools in Dubai conduct numerous bond-building activities for both parents and students. For example, parties, fundraisers, sports days, and so on. Showing interest and participating in these activities will boost your child’s spirit and allow parents to better know and engage with the school and its faculty.

4. Be aware of the school policies

School policies on timings, attendance, cleanliness, and more are implemented to ensure the smooth running of the school. Hence, it is essential that parents understand these policies and follow or abide by them whenever required.

5. Inculcate good learning habits

Learning habits involve completing homework, and assignments and spending time memorizing lessons. Parents must encourage children to practice good learning habits for better results.

6. Help your child to stay focused

A well-focused child excels in their academic future. The parents must ensure their child stays away from distractions like mobiles, television, or even social media platforms.

7. Provide the proper nutrition

Our eating habits play a vital role in regulating our hormones and controlling our mood and concentration levels. A good breakfast is what a child needs before starting their day at school. Parents must scrutinize their child’s nutrition level to maintain a healthy diet for continual overall development.

8. Help children organize themselves better

Whether it is study time, playtime, or even routine household chores that the child is engaged in, there should be a proper time scheduled for them during the day. Children feel more confident and comfortable when their daily routines are predictable and consistent. Healthy routines contribute to improved sleep and activity levels.

9. Attend parents-teachers meetings

Parent-teacher meetings are essential for understanding your child’s academic progress and possible academic future. Parents should attend these meetings since teachers talk about the various challenges faced during the academic year. Parents are entitled to give their feedback and suggestions to help with the smooth operation of the academic year.

10. Help your child prepare academically

Enrolling your child in the best primary schools in Dubai is not enough. Parents must ensure their child stays focused and attentive. Parents must provide a good learning environment at home and ensure suitable study material is available.


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