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2022 Tokyo Modified Show: HIJET/ATRAI leader, Daihatsu showcases Rocky e-SMART and other modified bikes

History Reviews of Daihatsu:

What is Daihatsu Motors?
It is a Daihatsu car from Japan, the full name of the company is called Daihatsu Kogyo Co Ltd, founded in 1907, founded in Osaka, Japan, the brand is mainly in the field of small cars, whether from the vehicle space, safety performance, power is very good.

What is Daihatsu Motors?

After the acquisition, the factory mainly produced a series of small cars. DAIHATSU has a good track record of selling vehicles worldwide, with models sold in more than 130 countries.

Breaking News of Daihatsu:

After the opening of the 2022 Tokyo Modified Show, Daihatsu also showcased a number of modified vehicles, including Rocky e-SAMRT and HIJET/ATRAI, and under the theme “DAIHATSU VILLAGE 2022 Small Challenges, We Will With the theme of “DAIHATSU VILLAGE 2022 Small Challenges, We Will Continue”, the company expressed its commitment to similar cars like Daihatsu Ayla 2022 and the first step towards a new era of customization, Daihatsu’s ambition and creativity in tuning cars!

In addition to the Alphard-like bumper, the car’s body has also been lowered to emphasize its low profile.
Based on the Deck Van, the only product in the range has been tailored to the campervan specification.
The Rocky e-SMART HYBRID is an advanced version of the Rocky e-SMART HYBRID, with a completely upgraded exterior and a cool, urban SUV look. The bumper, air intakes, wheel arches, mirrors, and roof are painted in dark blue and the wheels are 17″. The whole car is finished in silver paint and the interior is colored in blue, giving it a premium look on a white and grey basis.

The Rocky e-SMART HYBRID is a customized model based on the concept of “outdoor leisure”, creating an outdoor atmosphere with a mature look. This is why the YAKIMA roof basket and all-terrain tyres have been added to the design. The body color is metallic khaki, a very subtle metallic shine that cannot be fully conveyed in the pictures. The front water tank passport is a special product adapted from the Indonesian specification Rocky.

Two years ago at the Tokyo Tuning Show, Daihatsu introduced a working experience using the Hijet truck loading platform and packaging box. Let’s take a review of the Daihatsu modified vehicles series.

Vehicles Reviews of Daihatsu modified vehicles series:


The Sport range includes the Boon Cilq SPORTO Package, Thor SPORZA Ver. and Mira e:S SPORZA Ver. with D-Sport air kit and sports suspension, and the Boon Cilq SPORTO Package will be on sale after the show.

Due to its close relationship with Daihatsu, D-Sport has developed a wide range of tuning components for almost all Daihatsu vehicles, from the basic fluids, to the interior and exterior, to the brakes, suspension and anti-roll bar.


The PREMIUM series is a high-quality series that includes the Thor PREMIUM Ver, Move CANBUS PREMIUM Ver. and Tanto PREMIUM Ver. models, with new aerodynamic kits and plated parts such as tank covers and body trim.


The Boon ACTIVE Ver., Hijet Truck Jumbo ACTIVE Ver. and Hijet Cargo Deck Van ACTIVE Ver. are the three models chosen by the original manufacturer to represent the casual style, the latter with a movable roof box, a full-height 4WD system with all-terrain tires and front searchlights.

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