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Features & Perks of a 2D Payment Gateway For A Gaming Merchant Account

A 2D payment gateway has several features that might be crucial in boosting your gaming company. Here are some of its benefits.

Quick transactions: One of the most common reasons for the growing popularity of 2D payment gateways is their swift transactions and easy online payment options. They are almost instant where the users can avoid wasting any time on the transactions. Hence, most of them prefer 2D payment gateways. 

Quick approval- 2D payment gateways are known for their instant approvals. Gaming merchants can quickly create an account without waiting for hours. They can also launch several services using 2D gateways and allow users to complete their games. The fast approval rate has dramatically increased user satisfaction and helped merchants maximize their profits by inviting more and more users to their game.

Supports various currencies- Gaming merchants may face issues in optimizing their gaming platforms if they do not support multiple currencies. However, 2D payment gateways have resolved this issue by supporting multiple currencies. Such a feature has helped gaming merchants expand their business base and attract gamers worldwide. Gamers also find it easier to play using 2D platforms as they accept all currencies. Hence, 2D platforms are more flexible and user-friendly, unlike other payment gateways, and the users have no barrier to the kind of currency they use.

Highly secured- Most online payment gateways have a risk of data theft where your privacy, bank information, and other sensitive data are at risk of being stolen. However, this is not the case with 2D platforms. These payment providers in India are highly encrypted and use top-notch tools and technology to protect all sensitive information. These payment gateways have layers of security checks to ensure the user’s financial details are safe. Such secured platforms are also beneficial for gaming merchants as it helps them protect their data and develop a sense of trust amongst other users. 2D payment gateways also have fraud protection systems that notify the user if anybody tries to forge their signature or break into their accounts. Hence, the chances of financial theft are very low on 2D platforms. 

Continuous reporting: Most gaming merchants prefer 2D platforms because of their constant reporting feature. These platforms inform the use of any transaction or activity in their account. Thus, while, on the one hand, 2D gateways help you monitor your actions, it also enables you to detect any activity performed by somebody else pretending to be you. 

Card saving features- Most people prefer 2D gateways in games because of the card capture facilities—such a facility stores the users’ card numbers to offer them a hassle-free payment process. The user merely needs to input their pin, and the gateway processes the transaction. Thus, 2D payment gateways are simple to use, attracting several gaming merchants.


There are several reasons why gaming merchants and gamers prefer 2D payment gateways. These gateways offer a range of advantages to both of them individually that help them initiate a smooth and hassle-free payment process and high encryption.

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