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4 Effective Mercari app tips to earn more money

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Mercari is an app that makes buying and selling things online as easy as pie.

You probably have a few things lying around your house that you want to turn into cash, but you’re not sure how to go through the entire sales process.

Sure, you could decide to put them up for auction at popular stores, but thousands (possibly millions) of other people are ten steps ahead of you. As a result, the chances of your items getting noticed are greatly reduced.

While you can sell things on Mercari, you can also make affordable purchases. Founded in 2013, the app is currently stationed in the US and UK.

Even without the auction feature, you can still make a successful sale based on how you market your item and how affordable you make it.

You don’t need much to make money with the Mercari app or any other money making app. Once you install the app and create a free account, you’re all set. However, when it comes to capitalizing on your products, there are certain steps you need to follow.

When you venture into online sales, competition is inevitable. The following are some valuable tips from Mercari to make sure you don’t hire any third party to ensure an impressive return on your items.

PRICE IS EVERYTHINGThe success of your sales on the app will largely depend on how cheap or expensive your items are.

On rare occasions, sales can be made by scaling a product that is too far from the original price. At the same time, you don’t want to incur a loss by selling your items at prices lower than their asking prices.

Perhaps one of the most difficult choices you’ll have to make, make sure your price resonates with your buyers. To find out your target demographic for the things you want to sell, do a lot of research.

Alternatively, you can make a few stops at your local stores for more information. Once you find the right price for your items, negotiating is not an option.

If you feel philanthropic enough to settle for a significantly lower price, don’t be shy about taking the deal.

However, you must first consider these four factors

  • Will you benefit in any way from its sale?
  • If you put your item up for sale a few days ago, don’t be in a hurry to appease your customers by lowering your price.
  • Has the potential buyer been given a rough estimate of the price at which to purchase the item? If not, there is no need to proceed with the negotiation.
  • Is your potential buyer hesitant to make the purchase even after you’ve both agreed on a price? They could become scammers to steal your assets without your knowledge.

What your profile looks like will allow the buyer to determine what type of seller they are about to start doing business with. More often than not, it’s the first place they’ll look if they’re interested in an item you’re selling.

Mercari works in a style that is quite similar to eBay, where sellers can upload an avatar of their choice. Don’t go for anything fancy, a clear, well-lit photo of yourself will do just fine. Anything else can leave a bad impression of you on the buyer.

Unless you’re embarrassed by your appearance (which you shouldn’t be), you won’t be shy about using your own photo. When you decide to take a professional selfie, make sure your background is presentable too. Just because its professional doesn’t mean you keep a straight face.

Any additional information you provide using your avatar, such as your location and individual preferences, can cost you a lot.

Scammers may take you home and steal the items you are selling or any other valuables. However, you don’t have to worry about that. Mercari has a secure system in place to counter all forms of fraudulent activity by buyers.

Away from your avatar, shift your focus to your bio as well. Keep it simple. Bios with short but powerful messages make you seem like a down-to-earth individual. You should include basics like your shipping policy, whether or not you negotiate your prices, shipping method, etc.

Your general profile should seem convincing enough. If you want someone to buy something from you, give them a reason to feel confident in your personality and mode of operations.


Regardless of what you decide to sell on the Mercari app, it would be awkward not to provide descriptive information. Newbies to the app may mistake the description for a full review, which is definitely not the case.

If you’re selling a refurbished laptop, for example, make an effort to find out everything from its brand, memory capacity, battery life, processor speed, and so on. Considering there are other laptops for sale on the app, please try to be brief but to the point with your description.

Your item may be used or new. You know it, but your potential buyers do not. In case you didn’t know, shoppers tend to care more about conditioning items than anything else.

Be as honest as possible. Negative reviews can prevent future customers from buying something from you. Please state how old it is if it has been used before and if possible let the customer know if it is broken or damaged in any way.

To describe your item, Mercari will provide you with five labels New, Like New, Good, Fair, and Poor. Each of these tags will allow buyers to rate your item and see if it suits them or not. Please note that Mercari does not allow you to remove items you have posted on their app.

Once you have published it without an accurate description, you will easily lose it on the site. That will further affect your sales potential and your rating as well.

If you’re not sure how to go about the detailing process, it wouldn’t hurt to get a tip or two from other sellers on the app.

Read their descriptions and take note of how short their descriptions are. In case you need to add any information, the internet is your friend.


Nobody likes extra fees on their purchases. High shipping fees are a big drawback for customers who want to purchase a certain item within their financial reach. In your case, you are not a client. You are the one supplying products to customers, whether locally or abroad.

Since you are in a field where competition is bound to be tight, you need to give your buyers more reasons to buy from you. What better way to attract them to your store than by sending them your products at no cost?

Making free shipping an option as a seller has several benefits that can extend in the long run. Between them, your items will receive positive feedback, thereby catapulting them to the top of search results in the free shipping category.

Shipping fees are just one of many costs that come when you decide to sell things on the Mercari app. Unlike most shopping portals, Mercari allows you to decide who will pay the shipping costs between you and the buyer.

If you pay shipping, you will be provided with a list of options if you choose to pay shipping. The Ship Your Own option is ideal for large or bulky items. For this option, you will be assigned the option of finding an ideal shipping label.

Do you have a paypal account? Use that to print your label. Alternatively, you could send through online postage such as Stamps.com.

If the buyer will be responsible for paying for shipping, they will be asked to select the transport and weight of the items. Although the prepaid shipping label will be available to you by email, the charges are the buyer’s responsibility.

Before offering free shipping on your products, it would be wise to first think about the selling price.


They say a picture is worth a thousand words. The images you post of your items can easily entice a random shopper to purchase one or all of your items. Worse yet, they could be a complete turn off for the buyer and opt for something else in the app.

To set up photos for your item on Mercari, go to the bottom right corner of your phone and tap on “Sell”. Your phone’s camera will open for you to capture 2-5 photos of your item.

If your phone doesn’t have a good resolution, you can grab it from a phone with a better camera and upload them from your gallery.

Taking photos of your item from different angles with nothing in the background is a highly recommended strategy.

Also, try not to use or rely too heavily on software like Photoshop to enhance your photos. Take a clear photograph of the item in favorable light (not too much and not too little).

Although the final photos may not look as captivating as you hoped, someone may find them quite attractive and buy your item.

The following are some of the other tips you should consider if you want to increase your chances of making successful sales.

  • If you are in close range of the item, DO NOT use the flash option.
  • Polish your item before taking a photo. Good cameras can capture even the smallest details.
  • If you have shaky hands, give the camera to someone who can take still shots. Even better, use a tripod or place your phone/camera on a flat surface.
  • Include both the pretty parts and the imperfections. That way the buyer can know what to expect when they purchase your item.
  • Do not include unnecessary spaces for small items. If you notice that your photos don’t fully focus on the item, use your camera app’s cropping feature.

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