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5 popular Brazilian parties you need to know about

Celebrations from January to December! No wonder Brazil is known for being the country of parties. New Year, religious festivals, Carnival, and June festival, among others, make the population happy throughout the year. Of course, there is always a highlight, but it cannot be denied that Brazilian popular parties are attractive, regardless of the state or occasion.

Those who are planning to travel through Brazil can be sure: there will always be a party, even if in smaller proportions, to enjoy and get to know the local culture. 

The tradition of Brazilian popular festivals offers a lot of diversity, which is why Brazil is known as one of the countries with the greatest cultural representation in the world. With that in mind, we list five famous parties, in different states, to make the most of and in different ways.

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Returning to the popular Brazilian festivals, see major events spread across the country, and choose one to enjoy.

The best Brazilian popular parties

Check below a list of the most popular parties in Brazil.

Carnival: the highlight of Brazilian popular parties

There is no way to talk about Brazilian popular festivals and not mention Carnival, simply the most traditional popular festival in Brazil and, probably, one of the favorites of the population and tourists. Around the world, it is possible to know other Carnival parties, but the Brazilian tradition is highlighted.

The event takes place between February and March and moves crowds across the country. Officially, there are four days of revelry, which are determined based on the date of Easter Sunday of that year. The party has a lot of fun in several states of the country, but those who live in Brazil know that Carnival lasts much longer than that. There are days in advance to enjoy the party and a few good days after Carnival. It is one of the longest Brazilian popular parties.

The interesting thing about Carnival is that each region has its particularities and traditions, which makes this party even better. For example: in Recife, Carnival is very different from São Paulo. Just as the Belo Horizonte Carnival is different from Rio de Janeiro.

Among the most popular events of Carnival are the trios Elétricos in Salvador that draw crowds through the city, the beautiful Rio de Janeiro samba schools, and the street blocks. Undoubtedly, a complete Carnival passes through one of these points.

For those who want to enjoy this, which is one of the biggest popular Brazilian parties, the choice of the most popular destinations goes through Salvador, Rio de Janeiro, Recife, and São Paulo.

Lavagem do Escadaria do Bonfim: a feast of tradition and faith

Bahia knows how to throw a good party. One of the most famous Brazilian popular festivals and the second largest in this state is the Lavagem da Escadaria do Bonfim: a procession in Salvador that brings together more than 800,000 people every year. The event always takes place on the second Thursday of January.

People dress in white and walk from the church of Conceição da Praia to the church of Nosso Senhor do Bonfim. A journey of about 8 kilometers. Upon arriving at the church of Bonfim, the Bahian women, dressed in typical costumes, climb the Sacred Hill with vases of scented water and wash the church’s staircase and pay homage to Oxalá, the greatest of the orixás and representative of Senhor do Bonfim in Candomblé.

The Bahian women also pour water over the heads of the faithful as a way of representing the symbol of faith and hope, making this one of the most symbolic Brazilian popular festivals for those who accompany it.

Festa de São João or Festa Junina: dances, bonfire and tradition

In each region of the country, this event has a different name, which does not take away from its shine and position among the biggest Brazilian popular parties. Originally more traditional in the Northeast, the Festa de São João won all over Brazil and is marked by a lot of food, music, and typical decorations.

And speaking of tradition, the party has as a striking feature, the June dances around the bonfire. As the party gained some variations, in each state, there are very interesting peculiarities.

In the Southeast region, the differential of this, which is one of the most successful Brazilian popular parties, is the traditional fairs. With several foods or play stalls, the event moves the city of São Paulo and the rest of the state.

Beauty and nature at the Parintins Folklore Festival

Leaving a little bit of the Northeast and going to the North region, the Festival Folclórico de Parintins is one of the most beautiful Brazilian popular festivals in the world and takes place in the largest forest on the planet, the Amazon rainforest, more specifically in the city of Parintins.

The Folkloric Festival takes place in the last week of June, when people gather at the stadium – which is shaped like an ox head – known as Bumbodromo, with a capacity for over 35,000 people.

The tradition of the event is divided between two characters: the capricious Ox, of the blue color, and the Garantido Ox, of the red color, who compete for the most beautiful position, in sensational presentations that last 3 days. This is undoubtedly a popular Brazilian party that deserves to be known.

Festa do Peão de Barretos: the sertanejo legacy

This is one of those events for those who like to make the most of it, as the Festa do Peão lasts about ten days. As one of the most traditional Brazilian popular parties, the event grows every year, both in size and duration.

It takes place in Barretos, in the interior of São Paulo, and is surrounded by rodeos and country shows. Currently, the main event of the Festa de Peão is held in an area of ​​more than 110 hectares, which was designed by Oscar Niemeyer, and has the capacity to hold more than 30 thousand people.

Canada: history and belief in Brazilian popular festivals

Among the popular Brazilian festivities that bring to celebrations of faith and mysticism, Canada represents Angolan and Catholic beliefs, with music, dances, and staging. The party became very famous in cities in the interior of Minas, Paraíba, Pernambuco, and Paraná.

It takes place in October and shows the crusades and coronation of the African kings of Congo. One of the most Brazilian popular festivals with the greatest historical, symbolic, and incomparable beauty.

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