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5 Preparation Tips for Your Child for Preschool at The Top Schools in Pune

Parents are one of the most excited people when it comes to choosing the best preschool for their kids. They add a lot of effort and time to ensure their kids get enrolled at one of the top schools in Pune. 

But as soon as the first day of preschool approaches, parents are ones who get overwhelmed with mixed emotions.

Well, we understand that you aren’t ready to let your kid spend hours away from you in a structured environment. But, if you start getting anxious, it may prove difficult to handle your kid’s transition to this great phase of his/her life.

To begin with, take a deep breath, calm your mind and follow the tips mentioned below to make things easy for your kid.

Tips to help your kid be prepared for a top pre school in Pune

1- Talk to your kid about how things will change before the top schools in Pune begin

It is time to speak with your kid about the important upcoming event in his/her life, i.e., the preschool in Pune. Let him/her know what will happen in school and why he/she was sent to school in the first place.

Don’t forget to share positive details on how he/she will be able to make new friends, learn new things, etc. This way, you can gently prepare your kid that he/she won’t have mommy and daddy around.

Also, don’t over prepare your kid, as that may only result in anxiety.

2- Fix your kid’s sleeping habits

Most top schools in Pune start early in the morning. Even though preschools tend to start after 9 or 10 am, it is best to fix your kid’s sleeping habits beforehand, so he/she is well-prepared.

Kids around the age of 2-3-4 require 11 to 14 hours of sleep. And since it takes two months for a child to acquire a habit, try tucking him/her early, so she wakes up fresh, happy and as per the school’s time the next morning.

3- Create a consistent sleep routine before his/her preschool in Pune starts


With kids, one has to be extremely consistent, especially when you wish to inculcate a habit. When the habits are well-established, kids tend to function quite well. Consistency also teaches kids sequencing, time, discipline.

So, make sure to create a routine where you calm him/her down first and then get him/her in the mood to sleep. Once achieved, try sticking to the same routine every day.

4- Take out some time to read with your kid

Just because you have chosen the top preschool in Pune doesn’t mean you should completely rely on school and teachers for your child’s growth.

It is important to be involved in your kid’s life, too. Take some time from your schedule to read with your kid every day, whether before bedtime or during the day.

This is because reading not only enhances a child’s vocabulary but his/her confidence by providing him/her with rich language skills, too.

5- Go over things before bedtime 

Lastly, don’t forget to reflect on the things that happened throughout the day. For instance, you can talk about how his/her day went, what he/she did the entire day, what went well and what could have been done better.

The notion here is to make your kid confident enough to approach you once school begins.

Once school begins, your kid will know who to speak to when there is an issue or when something better happens.

Over to you

Preschool in Pune is one of the most important phases of any kid’s life. Preschools not only help kids understand basic life values but teach them academic knowledge, too.

As a parent, it is necessary for you to stay relaxed, calm and prepared with the tips suggested above to make the transition smooth for you and your kid.

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