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6 Questions To Avoid Before Registering On Divorcee Matrimony

Divorce is still considered as a big taboo in India and many couples are judged for choosing different paths after a failed marriage. However, divorcee matrimony comes with a second chance to start life, and you better not ruin it by listening to others. 

Broken marriage itself inflicts excruciating pain on the couples. Only they know what they have been through or going through before deciding to end the marriage. Thus, no one and I repeat NO ONE has a right to decide on your behalf. You are solely responsible for how you choose to live your life even after a few major setbacks. 

However, the problem is that you might not find many people with the same thought process. They will watch you with stereotypical lenses and expect you to bear the pain of separation forever. So, your job is to completely avoid these people and move on with your life like a boss! Make sure you switch to a suitable divorcee matrimony platform like Betterhalf and settle with your compatible bride or groom at the soonest! 

But your most important job before anything is to avoid hurting yourself with any of these questions mentioned below. You might get many of these, so you should be prepared!

Who will look after your kids?

This question can come from even the closest of your people and might keep you thinking for a while. So, if you do not have any children, amazing! But if you have any, not living your own life is never going to make them happy. You cannot make people around you happy if you are not happy yourself. In fact, it is quite probable that you will end up tarnishing your relationship with them. 

Also, your kids will learn the same thing and might find it normal to struggle in relationships than find happiness elsewhere. So, it’s better you do not set a wrong example for your children. Go and look for your betterhalf this time, who is actually meant for you. 

Who will marry you?

Who will marry a divorcee? – This is one of the immediate questions you get after deciding to remarry. But you should not panic. Betterhalf has a pool of compatible marriage options from all communities and statuses to get you married. You can easily register and get diverse options from the divorcee matrimony section for marriage. Other people like you are also waiting for someone to understand their situation and accept their past for a better future. 

Apart from that, you can even meet people who will love you for what you are and not for your relationship status. It will not bother your Betterhalf if you are divorced, have kids, are widowed, etc. They will still love you in all conditions. 

What will society say?

The old song ‘Kuch toh log kahenge, logon ka kaam hai kehna’ fits perfectly in every stereotypical situation. Society will speak anyway. You cannot afford to satisfy everyone. It’s your life and you will never be able to live by someone else’s parameters. Also, you are only responsible for your actions and not what other people think about you. So, better stop such questions from bothering you. Let people think and speak all they can. 

Once you are settled again in your life, these people will only come and praise you for your life choices. All that matters, in the end, is you and your children’s happiness. Make sure you only do what feels right to you. Rest everything will fall in place.

Who will bear wedding expenses again?

Marriages are not about pompous and extravagant celebrations. It is a commitment between two people to look for each other for the rest of their lives. Also, you can always get married in many simpler ways than spending lakhs. There are options like court marriage or tying a knot in the temple. These ways are no less authentic and deeper than 100 other rituals during weddings. Also, such arrangements will not cost you more than INR 10,000- 20,000. Thus, no one has to bear money for you nor do you require any additional expenses to wed you betterhalf.

So, get ready to face these questions before deciding to register on divorcee matrimony for marriage. Do not let people decide for you or your mood and go ahead with what you think is correct for you. All the best!

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