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7 Amazing Tips For Selling Gold In Bangalore

Selling unused gold can be a quick way to earn extra cash, but getting the best deal is not always that easy. Gold owners in the city of Bangalore can also encash their gold in the hour of urgent financial need by looking at the gold rate today in Bangalore of 22k. In most cases, it has been observed that gold is monetised at a much lower price than one’s expectation, especially if someone is in a hurry of quick cash while going through a financial emergency. 

To avoid such disappointments of gold, here are the few necessary checks before selling gold: 

  • Weigh Down Different Karats Separately

Make sure you weigh down the jewellery of different karat separately instead of weighing together simply because gold jewellery with higher purity can give a higher valuation. Gold dealers may consider weighing all jewellery together in a hurry and pay you for the lowest karat value. Therefore, you should be careful to separate your jewellery by karat value. For example – the gold rate today in Bangalore for 22k will be different from 18K. 

  • Consider the value of the whole item. 

If your gold ornaments have stud gems, you should consider the value of those precious stones and not just the gold it is made of. Gold dealers may be interested only in the precious yellow metal rather than any precious stones. You can sell the precious stones to another dealer instead of just leaving them out with the same dealer.

  • Know Worth of What You are Selling

Some gold valuables may be more worthy rather than just melting down. If it is antique, you can approach collectors to get them adequately assessed and valued before selling them. If your gold jewellery comes from a well-known maker, some gold dealers may offer you a higher value beyond the gold it’s made of. It rarely happens, but you may get the value of craftsmanship also.

  • Look for a gold dealer to consider decimal values.

You can go with gold financing companies that consider up to 3 decimal points (per gram) on the weighing scale. Such accuracy of the overall weight offers you the highest value of the gold rate today in Bangalore 22k.

  • Choose dealers with high-quality crucibles.

Only a few names in the precious metal space use high-quality crucibles to melt customers’ gold to ensure that they do not retain any Gold on it after melting. These companies help you to sell gold for cash accurately.

  • Gold Cleaning with Ultrasonic Machine

Find a gold-to-cash financing company that uses an ultrasonic machine to clean the gold and encash it with accurate weight. 

  • Consider the best time to sell gold.

If you just want to sell your unused gold, the best time to get the highest value of your loan. The demand for gold tends to increase when the economy’s state is good, and the graph goes upward. If you see more challenging times on the horizon, it might be worth holding your gold valuables.

You can look for big gold financing companies to take advantage of most of these mentioned tips. 

Well established trusted gold financing companies like Muthoot Gold Point to exchange gold valuables for cash at the best prices. They buy gold from the customer and provide the right gold value based on the current market price. The valuation process is 100% transparent and efficient. While proposing the gold price, every aspect of your gold is kept in mind to make it the best offer.  

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