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7 apps like Venmo to transfer money with your fingertips

Do you want to transfer money to your friend or family member but are unable to visit the bank? There are many times in our life when we have to send money to our loved ones but we face many problems regarding the transfer. Either the bank is not open, the money needs to be transferred to another country, or the money transfer agent takes too many fees and time to transfer the money. Well, to solve this problem nowadays we have many online apps that can send money directly to anyone you want with just a few clicks. So here we have mentioned the best apps like Venmo to transfer money instantly to any online account or wallet.

The best apps like Venmo


“Just Venmo Me” is the ultimate way to ask someone to send or receive money. With the help of this app, you can instantly pay anyone using your card or bank account. You can add Venmo balance which will help you easily transfer money from the app wallet. Through this app, you can also pay to some of the apps and selected retailers. The best part, there are no transaction fees for any transfers.

Apart from this, you can also add your friends who use Venmo by scanning or sharing the barcode between them. By adding a friend, it will be easy to split your bills and keep track of your expenses. You can also chat with your friends and other contacts who use Venmo.


Transfer money or pay someone with one of the best apps to transfer money to almost anyone, anywhere. To make payments via PayPal you will need to link your Ameican Express, Discover, debit / credit or Visa card. You can send money to anyone around the world with international money transfer in any currency. You can send money to their mobile numbers or email IDs where they will receive a link for their payments. They can then withdraw the money to their bank account from PayPal.

With PayPal, you can also add balance to his wallet like Venmo for faster and faster payments. Other than that, manage your transfer activities and watch transactions. It will notify you whenever you are about to buy something online to make payments from this app. You will also receive offers and discounts for your purchases via PayPal.

To top it off, they also offer buyer and seller protection. Buyer protection allows you to get a refund if the product is not received or does not match the description while the sellers are protected from fraudulent claims.

For the UK only, you can send money without transaction fees within the UK. For security, PayPal allows you to add passwords or fingerprints (if your smartphone has a fingerprint sensor) to keep your transaction details safe.

Square Cash App

Make monetary transactions with the Square Cash app without any wallet directly from your debit / credit card. Just like all other money transfer apps, you will need to provide your card details from which payments and transactions will be made.

After providing the details, you are ready to make payments. You can then open the app and it will show you a numeric keypad, where you can enter the amount. Under the keyboard, there is an option to request or pay money, select what you want to do. You can send money to the phone number or email of the person registered with Square Cash.

You can also set up security in the app so that no one can access your account information other than yourself. An additional feature only available to iPhone users is that you can also trade bitcoins and buy or sell them from this same app.

Western Union US Money Transfer

Western Union is one of the oldest financial institutions helping to transfer money around the world. Adapting to the growth of e-business, Western Union also makes online transfers 24/7. You can choose to send money through the app or from its branches or agents.

To send money from the app you will need to create a Western Union account or if you already have one, log in. After logging in, you will see the send money now tab, tap on it. Then select which country you will send the money to. It will show what the exchange rate is and what the recipient will receive. You can then select how to receive the money personally in cash or bank account. Going forward, add the recipient details and contact number, make sure you provide all the information correctly. Pay via your bank account or debit / credit card. It has an option to scan the card details in case you don’t feel like writing.

To send money via a branch or agent, simply locate the nearest Western Union on the map via the app. Go to the branch or agent and request the service you need.

You can send money to over 200 countries with a minimal transaction fee. The charges will depend on the amount and the country you send money to. Once the money is sent, you will receive a 10-digit tracking number. You must provide this number to the recipient so that they can receive payment through the branch, any agent or their bank account.


TransferWise is the cheapest way to send money overseas and one of the best apps like Venmo. They say it is 8 times cheaper than any other bank. You can transfer money to any bank account from around the world with the best and up-to-date exchange rates.

Whether you are sending money to a Canadian account from the US or vice versa, this app will show you how much another person will receive and the fees required to make the payment. They have their accounts in almost every bank in the world. Once TransferWise receives your payment, it will convert it and send it to any country or account you want. There are no additional or hidden costs.

You can also open a global account with TransferWise and receive commission-free payments from around the world.

In addition to these apps meant only for online transactions, you can also send money through 3 of the most used social and messaging apps.

Messenger of Facebook

To send money via the Facebook messenger, you need to link your debit card or Paypal account to it. To do this, open your messenger and tap the profile icon at the top right of the phone. Once you are on the profile page, scroll down and search for payments . Inside you can add the details of your card or PayPal account from which you will pay.

Now to pay, you need to send the money from the chat. Open the chat for the person you want to send money to, tap the plus icon on the bottom left and you will see the payments. You can then choose it and enter the amount and select send. Aside from that, request money by tapping request instead of sending.


Another way to send or receive money is via Whatsapp. Now when you send money via Whatsapp it will be sent directly to the bank account added for WhatsApp payments. Find out how to add or set up WhatsApp payments in our previous guide.

After you are done adding the bank account, you can send money by tapping the attachment icon in the chat. You will see the payment options there. Then select it and pay to a friend or family member directly from Whatsapp.

The best apps like Venmo to transfer money safely and conveniently

Whether you need to transfer money to a friend or family, no matter if it’s local or international, these apps have you covered. They are made to provide you with fast and reliable monetary services as money is important to everyone. The apps we have selected are the most trusted apps for transaction security. You will also save a lot of time. Some of the apps like PayPal and Western Union are used by many reputable companies and companies like Microsoft etc. Pay for something online or send money to your loved ones with these apps. You never have to worry about visiting a bank to transfer money.

All apps may or may not work the same in different countries. If you are unable to use any of the apps or its services, it may not be available for your country.

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