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7 quick & easy tips that must be followed to mastering hair spray boxes

Obtain innovative hair spray boxes that go to make your sprays pop off the retail shelves. They are stylish, so they bring you a speedy and simple method to make them the centre of attention on countertop shelves. Brands make these boxes as per the needs of the retail environment. They print information on them to provide details about the sprays. In this way, they attract more buyers to their products. These boxes come with window panes, features and several other features. Yet, they use heavy-duty material in their formation. This feature makes them solid and durable. Moreover, they are versatile and fit for all types of spray bottles and tins.

Every brand wants to get market share, and it uses various tactics. Hair spray boxes are among the first impressions of the beauty brand, so they must be impressive. If you want to keep your cosmetic hair essentials long-lasting, these top-quality boxes are a fan favourite. Just manufacture them carefully to ensure they can turn buyers’ eyes towards your brand. You must be accurate and specific while designing the packaging. Some of the ways to master your boxes for hair spray are here.

Select the Material of the Hair Spray Boxes Wisely

It is necessary to create an engaging design and pick the best colour combos for the target audience. However, these things are compulsory, but you need more things to consider. Besides designs, you need to focus on the formation of the material.

A premium quality material is vital to maintain the quality of the product. Hence, you must use a safe and secure substance to make your hair spray boxes. These days, people are switching to sustainable packaging. It saves the world from global warming and increases the brand image.

Moreover, it maintains the quality of the spray. You can choose Kraft, cardboard, and corrugated board for this purpose. It makes your packaging impactful and special. Cardboard boxes are solid, safe, and lightweight. They support various designs and printing options. Therefore, they are becoming the preferred choice across the retail sector.

Learn About Laminations and Coatings

You need to make your hair spray box packaging safer. This is only possible when you add coatings and lamination to them. So, it is another way to keep your product safe from the effect of the environment. UV spots are the best option to save them from UV rays, heat and temperature harm. Moreover, the coatings protect them from humidity and moisture. No doubt, these things are eco–friendly, but they lack lamination’s tear resistance.

You can go for glitter, foil stamps, scented paper, and texture paper. These are ideal for attracting people with their appearance. So they prefer to buy your sprays because they are available in accurate form. Every buyer expects to get their products in the right order. Hence, these features make sprays safer from damage and spoiling. This thing increases customers’ trust level in your beauty business.

Choose the Right Colour Scheme

When it comes to makeup boxes, you cannot ignore the appeal of the hues. There is a lot of research behind them, and you must be very careful when choosing them. The shade combination affects the mood and emotion of the people. They like the traditional kit, so choose gold, black, and white. Moreover, silver can be the best option to attract the attention of the onlookers. It triggers their buying intention, and they become eager to purchase them. Golden and black are two shades that you can use in combination. It motivates them to purchase hair spray and use it.

Choose the Unique Structures and Shapes

Your cardboard packaging for hair spray must have unique shapes. Whatever the size you choose for your product, you need to be different in structures. Instead of common square boxes, you should go for ovals and pyramids. The diamond shape can be the best option to attract the onlooker’s attention. They will come to your brand by observing the conventional structure. It makes them curious about the spray and love to try it.

Customize them With an Innovative Display Style

It is good to customize your boxes with an attractive display style. This is the best tactic for marketing and advertising your product. A thin layer of the plastic film showcases the spray bottle or tin amazingly, so buyers know about the product. This tactic makes them curious about the spray, and they want to open it. To satisfy this desire, they love to buy your brand products. In this way, you will get brand awareness with this professional representation.

Use Various Printing Techniques for Hair Spray Boxes 

Create a positive brand image with printed hair spray boxes. Mention your brand information on the boxes with printing tactics such as offset printing and digital printing. Moreover, the font and text size are important here. It informs buyers about the product, and they learn about it in detail. Logo and tagline are essential and must be clear on the boxes. You can highlight them by creating a 3D effect. Emboss printing is the best technique to make the logo more dazzling. It offers brand recognition in the market, and more people learn about your brand among competitors.

Go for Theme Packaging

You can create a market for your hair sprays with innovative custom boxes. If you design them as per seasonal effects, festivals and celebrations, it will be more helpful for brand sales. People use more beauty products at the festivals, so you should invite them by greeting them at the event. For example, use red colour in images and text if it’s Christmas. Greet them as per the event, and it increases the festivity.

Thus, it is clear from the above discussion that you can increase your brand’s sales with effective packaging techniques. Design hair spray boxes in various ways to grab the customers’ attention instantly. Also, the above seven methods are the most effective way if you master the production of hair spray packaging. They do not only make your boxes adorable but also help in generating more popularity for your brand.

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