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A look at the future of sport

For example, in mid-November, Fox Sports partnered with Face book to provide virtual reality coverage of Railcar Vidal-Edward Ortiz’s Premier Boxing Champions battle for Oculus Quest carriers.

VR spectators were placed in a virtual amphitheater where they could watch the battle with their Oculus Quest headphones. Fox Sports covered the battle for VR’s special production at 4K.

This is just one of many experimental productions

Real-time coverage of sports ranges from the 360-degree camera coverage to AR environments designed to enhance the viewers’ gaming experience.

Although these approaches differ in many ways, the common denominator is the need to move large amounts of data between sources and destinations. Here again, 5G plays a vital role in providing the high bandwidth required to input high-definition video sources with the ultra-low latency required.

It is designed for easy integration with TVU Producer’s virtual video sharing solution

TVU Anywhere makes a smart phone or tablet a very portable and reliable input source for multi-camera productions. It also includes the TVU Party cruise ship, a rich new feature that supports multi-party production and guest interaction.

Sound and sound

Sound is another important part of any multi-camera 스포츠중계 event and, as with video, the equipment you need depends on each project and budget.

Professional camcorders may only require a wired or wireless microphone with a transmitter and receiver. There are many helpful guides available online for microphones and accessories, wireless microphones, and audio video. Others include Istria, Video maker, Shore and Rode guides.

A two- or four-channel mixer is often helpful in the field

That blow. Similarly, for large multi-camera productions, a large audio console in the mixing room of a production control center is routinely used. Console mixing guides, audio production setup guides, and console mixing guides are also available online from a variety of sources, including Windows Report, Crutchfield, B&H, and Sweetwater.

Other audio components, systems, and accessories that may be useful

Depending on the type of output, these include in-ear headphones, earphones, audio cables and plugs, studio screens, IFBs and intercoms. However, it is important to note that for many applications, the TVU Party line can act as a virtual intercom and IFB system, replacing the need for its real equivalents. For multi-camera video producers who rely on their smart phone and multimedia tablet instead of professional cameras, there is an XLR adapter for connecting an external microphone to the device and the microphone.

Video mixing and switching

There are many ways to edit and shuffle your videos. They can be divided into hardware, software or cloud-based solutions. Whatever you choose, each option has its pros and cons. TVU’s low-cost, low-cost sports video converter allows multi-camera sports broadcasters to switch between multiple incoming camera streams, add text to pictures, shoot in picture (Pep), set up a quad box and multi-screen TVU. personal interview, set up audio for any video source and create subtitles on the go with the TVU Media Mind AI engine. Users simply install and log in to their TVU Producer account from their computer to access all the features, while the high workload involved in switching between sources and applying images and effects runs smoothly in the cloud.

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