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Add a Taste of India to Your Snack Food Line With Namkeen Snacks

The term snack is usually considered a synonym for unhealthy, which is not true all the time. People prefer having legume-based snacks that are the best alternative to healthy foods because it contains high nutrient content. Namkeens are the best option when it comes to tasty, healthy and nutritious snacks. Namkeen refers to the salty snack that is traditionally consumed in South Asian culture and contains a whole lot of legumes like green peas, chickpeas, peanuts, cashews, Moong Dal, Lentils and many more. Furthermore, it can be seasoned with spices or not seasoned at all and come individually or blended into several mixtures, like Bombay mix or Theeka Meetha, Khatta Meetha, Navarattan, Panchrattan or Chanachur.


Being one of the tastiest, healthy snacking options, the demand for namkeens is increasing worldwide. You can find numerous varieties available in the market that you can munch on based on your cravings at any hour of the day. Keep scrolling to know some of the most demanded namkeens.

Most Demanded Indian Namkeen Snacks

Besan Bhujia

It is a very popular savoury snack in India that is made with just a few ingredients. The besan dough mix is extruded into long straws, which are broken into pieces and then fried. This namkeen has many variations in terms of flavours, shapes and presentation. You can sprinkle it on top of any curry to make it spicier or crunchier.

Moong Dal

It is a de-husked moong bean that is hydrated, dewatered, fried, cooled, sprinkled with salt and then packed. Moong dal namkeen is demanded all over India and is a very light and tastier option to consume at any hour of the day.


It is a water droplet sized crispy snack that is made with ingredients like gram flour and a few spices. This tasty, crispy boondi is used as the main ingredient in making boondi raita and various other snacks.

Aloo Bhujia

One of the most loved dry snacks, Aloo Bhujia, is made with chickpea flour and mashed potatoes/boiled potatoes. This namkeen is served on almost every occasion as its crispiness and the flavour is loved by everyone. You can hardly find anyone who will say no to aloo bhujia. You can have it during tea time or can even sprinkle it on your breakfast like poha or upma to enhance the taste.


This namkeen is an original Haldiram’s recipe that contains ingredients like sweet and sour potato sticks, rice flakes, dry fruits and other namkeens. This exotic, rich snack can be served at tea-time or as a stand-alone indulgence. Panchrattan is one of the most popular and demanded namkeen that includes ingredients like Potato, Almond, Raisins, Cashew, and various spices.

Now you can buy tasty, authentic Indian namkeen snacks while staying miles away. Haldiram’s- one of the best Indian food outlets, has managed to open its store overseas. You can visit the nearby store or order Haldiram’s namkeen through Haldiram’s UK website. The brand is known to offer tasty, lip-smacking and hygienically prepared snacks, sweets, namkeen and ready-to-eat food items. So what are you all waiting for? Order tasty namkeen snacks and enjoy the flavourings!

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