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Are You A Politically Exposed Person?

Are you a PEP? Before discussing how you can best navigate being a politically exposed person, it is important that everyone understands what being one means. A PEP in the broader sense refers to individuals or leaders who play an active political role or assume critical public responsibilities. The definition expands to cover relatives, close friends and networks of other close connections of an important public or political figure. Depending on power structures in a country, a PEP could be a leadership official or their connection in the executive, legislative, administrative, military or judicial branch of the country, a diplomat, influential businessmen impacting the country’s economy and their immediate or close family members and friends.

We can help you to put the right policies, procedures, and internal controls in place to protect your business. With broad experience and expertise in policy development, investigation, evaluation and training in these areas, we have helped numerous institutions and businesses assess their needs related to PEPs or Politically Exposed Persons. We can also assist with employee due diligence reviews that comply with local know-your-customer regulations as well as asset and cash monitoring processes.

Are you a politically exposed person: A Politically Exposed Person (PEP) is a person that has been entrusted with a prominent public role and therefore could attract additional attention from government officials. A PEP may be a politician, civil servant, judge or member of the military. With their elevated profile, there is a higher risk for them to be involved in improper activities such as corruption, trade in narcotics or human trafficking, bribery.

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