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Benelli: A century-old brand, on the move

At this year’s Chongqing Motorcycle Exhibition, Benelli launched the BJ1200 Civil Cruiser, China’s first public upgraded three-cylinder motorbike, returning to the world’s top motorbikes with strength. Unlike Benelli Zafferano 250, the Benelli BJ1200 Civilian Cruise Edition, a work of culture brought by a century-old brand, has already received a lot of expectations even before its official debut. I believe it will open up a new chapter in the Chinese and international motorbike industry.

For many people, Benelli is not a stranger or even a familiar name. This lion from the Italian Apennines has brought pure Italian biker culture to the Chinese people and has also brought the unique charm of motorbikes to the Chinese people. But do you know anything about the history of this brand? Today we will take you through the past and present life of Benelli.

Benelli is one of the oldest motorbike manufacturers in Italy and in the world. In December 1921, the first real Benelli motorbike appeared: the “Velomotore”,

In 1926, Giuseppe Benelli designed a new motorbike, a 175cc four-stroke engine motorbike with a top camshaft commanded by the original “four gears”, with a performance equal to or better than that of any other motorbike in its displacement class.

In 1951, the Leoncino 125 was born, and 13 versions were produced until 1962, with more than 72,000 units sold, making it the king of the European motorbike generation.

Benelli: a century-old brand, on the move
In 1972, Alejandro De Tomaso, an Argentine entrepreneur, bought the company and the Moto Guzzi. The new product range was re-expanded to showcase the multi-cylinder motorbike and the famous 750cc 6-cylinder (the first 6-stroke motorbike to be released to the public) and a new modern factory was built.

In 2002, Benelli produced an outstandingly innovative, sporty, three-cylinder engine. This new engine is one of the main elements that ensure the outstanding performance of Benelli motorbikes and is a unique feature of all Benelli motorbike products. Today Benelli, after 2005, Qianjiang Motorcycles has always supported the purity and development of the Benelli brand, which, as a motorbike brand with a glorious past and ambitious goals, ideas and plans, is sure to take root in China and then to shine again in the world.

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