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Best EMR for Solo Practice

Private practitioners must treat patients efficiently and effectively without sacrificing the quality of care. This is challenging in an era where most people have their health records available on digital devices. But it becomes even more complicated when considering the patient’s medications. And drug recommendations for various conditions. Which requires a thorough knowledge about them if one hopes to be able to provide appropriate treatment options. That will help alleviate symptoms while preventing future complications from developing due simply because there was no earlier diagnosis.

The use of EHR/EMR in solo practices can help private practitioners by automating the workflow. Storing patient care information as well as administrative tasks. With this electronic health record system. It is possible to create and store charts for each person in your practice. While also tracking their medication history or any tests they may need from time-to date.

As a solo practitioner. You could find yourself vulnerable to an inefficient system that increases. The workflow cycle instead of shortening it. However. With right software implementation your work will drastically increase in efficiency and we can help you get there.

Having trouble deciding which EHR software for your private is right for your practice? We’ve got you covered. In this article. we discuss the top six featured on Software Advice and list them according to criteria such as ease-of use or features offered. Referring back to methodology if needed for more details.


Health care professionals who want to save time and energy on their daily work can use ChARM EHR’s clinic management solution. This software complies with HIPAA. ensuring the security of sensitive patient information while providing a user-friendly experience for both providers AND patients.

ChARM EHR offers an easy way to document patient visits by using customizable decision trees. Which are helpful for reporting complex conditions. You can also create and manage appointments in your calendar with color-coded categories. For example, “Appointment.” or “Follow-up” so you always know what’s going on.

The use of electronic medical records software means that you can provide multiple payment options for your customers and bill them automatically. This is thanks in part to how it handles chart note entries. Which generate invoices based on what was written down during patient visits or treatments with practitioners’ services rendered.

The mobile app is available for both iOS and Android users who can schedule appointments. Create chart notes as well as contact the help support team via phone or email.

InSync Healthcare Solutions

InSync is the most comprehensive and reliable EHR software system in today’s market. The cloud-based platform offers practice management. Scheduling & billing services in one integrated package that can be tailored for any size office or clinic need. For example, if you’re looking at assessing patient outcomes then Insync has assessments specifically designed just throughout their suite of products which will give accurate information about what treatments work best depending upon certain criteria such as age group/gender identity etc.

EMR software helps care providers focus on face to face consultations and reduces the risk of burnout. Patients can access most information from their portals. Which is then automatically sent over Shoulder GPS systems for faster delivery during medical visits or office hours without having you come in person at all. Integration with e-prescribing enables a more efficient way prescription medication while also checking up electronically right when it’s needed.

In this. you will receive access to an account manager and gain insights into medical revenue. Providers can schedule telehealth sessions for their patients while they wait online or give them a call – all from the comfort of your own home.

The software is so easy to use. It’s on your computer. Tablet or phone. You don’t have download any apps and there’s no need for passwords because it all happens in the cloud- which means you can access records from anywhere with internet service. Plus, support will help if anything goes wrong. They’re available 24/7 by phone call OR email response times are shorter than usual thanks tech savvy people like us who use these types of programs regularly.

CureMD Healthcare

The rise in popularity of EHRs in small and private practices has allowed physicians and office staff to more efficiently manage their practices. While also maximizing profit through Meaningful Use. Smaller medical practices are the perfect candidates for this certified cloud-based system that helps them implement policies related specifically to earned bonuses. Practice management software like CureMD, which includes an online portal. Where patients can view information about your visit, including lab results if applicable. Revenue cycle services such as tracking prescriptions written per month by drug submission number (ISMP) or managing money owed when it comes time for payment after seeing patients.

CureMD’s electronic prescription feature connects thousands of pharmacies across the country. Enabling physicians to share their patients’ prescriptions with nearby drug stores. With advanced lab interfacing technology and workflow automation features like KPI dashboard software. For managing medical supply orders from most labs in America today. iPad apps that make it easy to access any time, anywhere via an online portal or mobile device (if supported); insurance claim settlement & document management – CureMD has covered you.

CureMD’s innovative solution is web-based. All in one package for practices of any size. Solutions include professional hosting and training services that will help you get started with your new website or online business venture without headaches.


With RXNT. You can focus on patient care and generate revenue by completing administrative tasks. The software is HIPAA compliant, so it provides direct access to states’ Prescription Drug Monitoring Programs (PDMP). And even more specifically- their Part D prescription monitoring program. Which helps prevent medication errors in hospitals.

With the RXNT’s EHR. You can offer e-prescribing and scheduling for your patients as well as provide a patient portal where they will be able to track their prescriptions or appointments. You also have access to mobile charge capture. This is beneficial because it allows us record all services provided during each visit without hassle.

With the help of an EMR system. You can schedule appointments and see patients virtually. This makes it easier for medical billing as well since we don’t have to physically go into your office or out on calls.

RXNT’s innovative mobile apps make it easy to schedule appointments. view patients’ accounts and refill prescriptions all from one trusted source. You can also get in touch with customer support via phone or email for help navigating the platform.

TriMed Complete

With TriMed Complete. You can quickly and easily gather all your patient record information in one place. The software tool allows for full capabilities through the web browser. So it’s accessible anywhere with an internet connection.

The EHR platform provides a number of ways to refill and write prescriptions. You can pick the option which best suits your practice needs. As well as send out multiple scripts at once with just one click. The software also offers electronic prescribing for controlled substances (EPCS). So you won’t have any trouble getting those hard-to-reach places in between patient appointments covered by pharmaceuticals anymore. Thanks, downloadable apps like these are available on our site today.

TriMed’s telemedicine plan is an excellent way for doctors who are unable to see their patients in person or on vacation time. You can schedule virtual appointments by sending them links. and they won’t need to download any apps.

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