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Makeover your Living Room with Furniture

Makeover your Living Room with Furniture

The living room is for the family. It’s the space where your clients spend most of their time in their home with their loved ones, creating Furniture Lounge Sunderland memories and taking time off from work. If a room feels old, your client might start to avoid it, resulting in disastrous effects on your family’s lives.

That’s where we step into the picture. However, we understand that the process of modernizing your living room can be a challenge.

This is why we’ve selected the most essential furniture pieces from Jean Lois’ latest partnership with Baker to help you create a modern and contemporary interior and to refresh the space.

This designer has enjoyed an impressive career. He has designed various interiors, from homes within the Hamptons to the palace of New Delhi. This has given him an eye for architecture and he’s put it to good use with his first collection for Baker Furniture.

Baker and Deniot make a great match. Deniot’s timeless sensibility is the basis of his design ideas. The designer curates his interiors by balancing the architectural form with casual designs together with Baker the two are in a position to bring his sophisticated designs to life due to their ability to design top-quality furniture that are available.

Together, they’ve created an elegant collection contemporary, and reflects the changing moods in any living space with lavish textures and hues but without removing the living space from the room.

Relinquish yourself to the Celestite Sofa

Modernizing any space has many problems. While your client might believe they are looking for an elegant new look but they could be not feeling the warmth of the old styles and the space they have. Because the sofa is usually the most significant furniture piece in the area.

It is sure to catch the attention of everyone who walks in. Which is why we’ve chosen the Deniot Celestite Sofa to ease the transition from the past to the modern. The piece is a delightful union of styles.

The Celestite Sofa’s style is modelled on the vintage furniture of the 20th century This means that even though it’s modern. It will give a unique look to the room similar to an older piece of furniture.

This piece was designed to ensure your client’s convenience. It comes with one luxurious Baker comfortable bench seat cushion and padded with five Baker cushiony throw pillows with a knife edge with different sizes to offer the best comfort.

The slim back of the piece creates an attractive silhouette while offering proper ergonomic support to your customer. Sunderland Furniture Centre

A fusion of fabrics The piece is backed by a frame made of maple. Which beautifully complements the sofa’s look. With the option of custom upholstery you can collaborate with your client to select an appropriate fabric to match the decor of their living space perfect.

More than seven hundred fabrics are available in various shades and textures from Baker’s catalog and forty-one speciality fabrics from Deniot’s selection. Invest in quality. Select the Celestite sofa to modernize the living space of your client.

Lounge with Style for your guests using this Celestite Lounge Chair

Jean-Louis Deniot’s style is directed towards Furniture Warehouse Sunderland a sexy and effortless elegance, which is nowhere more apparent then in his Celestite Lounge Chair. Much like the Celestite Sofa previously mentioned it is both tranquil and sensual. But informal enough to fit into the social space.

As your client ages and their family grows more extensive, modernizing their living space is ideal for adding more seating. Its Celestite Lounge Chair can be very comfortable. It uses Baker’s comfort pad for back support and seat cushion to provide the people seated with the proper support.

Due to its size, it can put two or three chairs in the space without feeling congested. It’s neutral in appearance and highly functional and sophisticated in its design and with its regular black mink finish as well as ferrules in oil rubbed bronze that will make any living space more modern.

You can match the upholstery with the Celestite Sofa. You will create a unified design narrative throughout your client’s space.

True Elegance, Meet the Georgian Sconce

It is essential to consider the significance of lighting in your living space. We believe light should be spread throughout the living space of your client to create a cozy relaxed ambiance.

The Georgian Sconce’s sophisticated elegance provides task lighting for the seating area without losing the aesthetics. Living room storage furniture UK

Even though you’re modernizing your home doesn’t suggest that you must eliminate all references to the past. Selecting a piece that’s significant and reflects your client’s past adds personality to the space instead of filling every table with unneeded decorative lamps.

The sconce is a hand-hammered brass base that captures and reflects the light of one candle cup set in a transparent glass panel.

Enjoy the Serene Ambiance Created by the Lur Floor Lamp

A wall sconce may be used to provide specific lighting for tasks such as sewing or reading or sewing. A floor lamp could be used to provide three kinds of lighting. Ambient lighting to enhance the ambience of the space and accent lighting to emphasize a unique art piece or task lighting for larger projects.

The floor lamp made of cast bronze is coated with satin bronze and is topped with a hand-made white silk transparent shade. Bedroom furniture UK

Its minimalist design still draws attention because of its height and the complicated hand-tooling and fabrication needed for its sculptural appearance.

Meet the Viridine Accent Table

Every living space requires tables to function. If you’re looking to modernize your area. It is your opportunity to lead your customer to a fresh and exciting direction by using their accent pieces. Choose boldly; select to go with the Viridine Accent Table.

This piece is highly multi-functional, elegantly multi-layered in its design and is incredibly livable. The clear glass top is simple to clean and maintain and is available in different finishes to fit your clients’ vision of space flawlessly. Furniture Direct UK

So why should you settle for the cheapest option? Select luxury and browse for the Viridine Accent Table to furnish your client’s space.

If you’re searching for an exclusive furniture shop you should go to Decor House. We offer a wide selection of the Jean Louis Deniot’s Furniture which includes every item on this page.


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