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Best IELTS Institute in Delhi Oracle International Language Institute

Oracle International Language Institute is a language school located in Delhi, India that offers a range of programs and courses in foreign languages. The institute provides guidance from experienced teachers and support for preparing for language aptitude tests. Many students in Delhi and across the country have benefited from its services.

Oracle International Language Institute


The Oracle International Language Institute is a language school in Delhi, India that provides a wide range of programs and courses. These courses focus on teaching foreign languages and are offered by experienced teachers. These teachers will guide you and help you prepare for language aptitude tests. The institute has successfully assisted many students in their studies.

Oracle Language Training Centre is one of the pioneering institutes in Delhi. It specializes in training candidates for IELTS, TOEFL, CELPIP, and PTE. It also offers placement assistance. It offers a wide range of English courses.

Oracle Language Training Centre has a high success rate in IELTS examinations. Their experienced faculty provides one-on-one guidance, and small class sizes allow students to progress quickly. The institute offers classroom and online IELTS courses, and encourages students to take practice tests regularly.

Another great option is Oracle academy of foreign languages. This is a professional language training institute that focuses on four language skills: reading, writing, speaking, and listening. Its experienced teachers will teach you to speak English confidently in various situations. Whether you’re trying to meet new people or simply want to improve your speaking skills, these are the institutes to check out in Delhi.

Oracle International Language Institute has many language programs. The instructors have extensive experience and are dedicated to teaching you like a native speaker. The institute has become a popular hub for foreign language learning in Delhi. Students can choose from a general English course or a professional English course.

Fluent Fast Academy

As one of the leading foreign language academies in India, Fluent Fast Academy offers a range of foreign language classes both online and offline. With dynamic teaching methods and individualized attention, Fluent Fast Academy aims to provide its students with excellent second language instruction. Students can choose between one-on-one language classes and group classes.

Oracle International Language Institute is a top-notch ielts institute in Delhi that offers high-quality English language classes. Its teachers are highly experienced and are committed to helping students learn the language perfectly. In addition to a quality classroom environment, Oracle also provides video recordings of each class to monitor student progress and ensure that they are getting the most out of the program.

Oracle International Language Institute is one of the most respected overseas consulting companies in Delhi. It has helped numerous individuals qualify the IELTS exam. This is one of the most prestigious English language tests and the result is widely recognized and valuable for many purposes. For example, if you’re planning to study abroad, you’ll need to pass the IELTS test. It is essential to find a top IELTS institute that can help you study and prepare for the exam.

Oracle International Language Institute has been recognized as the best IELTS institute in Delhi since 2008. The IELTS coaching institute was founded in 2008 and has trained more than 12,000 students. It provides personalized attention and a comprehensive study guide to ensure success on the exam. The institute also offers weekend and evening classes and has branches across the country.

It is crucial for students to choose the best IELTS coaching centre in Delhi. A good coaching institute will help you to ace the test and secure a good band. Many Delhi IELTS coaching centers have been in business for years and are recognized for their quality of preparation and success.

Samit’s English Academy

The Academy offers excellent IELTS and PTE coaching. They are the first choice for candidates aiming for both these tests. The Academy teaches students from different nationalities, including those from India, who want to learn English fluently.

The Samit’s English Academy is located in Sector 10 Main Market, Dwarka. It specializes in providing quality English education to students preparing for the IELTS test. The team of educators has helped many students succeed through their courses. They are very passionate about their students, and it shows. The school has a 4.8 rating on Google and great feedback from students. Samit’s English Academy has received good ratings from various rating sites and is rated 7.6 by us.

The Academy is one of the top IELTS institutes in Delhi. Their focus is on improving a student’s speaking and writing skills. Classes are offered both on weekdays and weekends. They also offer online coaching.

The Academy’s renowned faculty is committed to making you a fluent English speaker. The Samit’s English Academy IELTS coaching program combines mentorship, guidance, and support to ensure a successful exam. With its outstanding IELTS coaching program, Samit’s English Academy is a top IELTS institute in Delhi.

The Academy specializes in providing English examination preparation classes for students preparing for the IELTS exam. It has a dedicated faculty and smart classes to help students succeed. They also provide study materials with extensive explanations to aid students with their preparation.

The Academy provides personalised coaching for the IELTS and PTE test. They offer flexible timings and small groups so that each student receives individualized attention.

Plutus Academy

In Delhi, India, there is a language school known as Oracle International Language Institute. This school offers programs and courses in English and foreign languages. It has experienced teachers to provide guidance and assistance in preparation for language aptitude tests. This institute has been helping a large number of students to achieve their language goals.

The academy provides both online and offline coaching for students of all levels and types. Its faculty provides strategies and tips that can help you crack IELTS exams. It also provides unlimited mock tests and practice papers. In addition, students can choose the tuition schedule that best suits their schedule.

Oracle International Language Institute has a location in Connaught Place, Delhi. The institute has highly qualified and highly experienced teachers to teach English. Its classrooms are air conditioned and equipped with audio-visual technology. The school also offers counseling sessions and workshops for its students.

Oracle International Language Institute Delhi is one of the top-rated IELTS institutes in Delhi. Its experienced faculty teaches students how to answer questions quickly and effectively. Students get access to practice tests online and in-person, which is essential to succeeding in the IELTS exam.

Oracle International Language Institute Delhi offers quality teaching and personalised counselling. Their course is designed to give students confidence in the exam. Its curriculum is rigorous and covers all four sections of the IELTS exam, so students are prepared for every aspect of the test. It also offers mock tests and online resources to ensure the success of every student.

There are many IELTS Institutes in Delhi that offer different courses. The best ones include Oracle International Language Institute, Plutus Academy, and Samit’s English Academy. These institutes have excellent faculty and management teams and offer personalized counseling to their students.

British Council

The British Council is a premier organization for English language learners. Its official headquarters are located in Delhi. The organization focuses on providing high-quality educational programs for its members in the country. However, it also has a presence outside India, as well. It offers many services that are specifically designed for students living and working in Delhi.

The British Council’s IELTS courses in Delhi are designed to ensure that students are well-rounded and able to apply their knowledge of English in the real world. Its curriculum is designed to help students improve all aspects of English and includes dedicated mock tests and personal counseling sessions.

The classes are small, averaging around twenty students. This provides individualized attention to each student. Additionally, they offer online lessons from UK teachers to further enhance students’ knowledge of the language. Students are charged around Rs 15,100 for 8 weeks and 50 hours of classes.

The British Council has been active in India since 1948. It believes in building relationships and earning interests through education. They have trained trainers from across the globe and have established partnerships with top higher education institutes in India. The British Council also has offices in several cities across the country. However, the only way to get an IELTS coaching from this institution is through online mode.

The British Council is one of the largest platforms for IELTS preparation in India. It offers tutoring sessions online for students around the world. The teachers are skilled at problem-solving and will ensure that students develop the necessary skills to succeed in the test. In addition to offering high-quality training, the British Council also provides mock tests to give students a feel for what they’re up against during the exam.

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