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Biggest sugar daddy money-sending app 

Biggest sugar daddy money-sending app 

The biggest sugar daddy money-sending app, This app has been serving the dating community since the year 2002. This is one of the biggest sugar daddy money-sending apps online today.


The app has received many accolades from CNN, Fox News, Dr. Phil, and the BBC. They have been matching potential millionaires with beautiful women for 20 years.

The focus of this app the people involves a millionaire dating with long-term relationship influence. The office of this company is located in the UK and USA and with friendly customer service agents for calls and support.

Benefits of using this app

➛ It offers the best for millionaires

➛ It gives a 20-year track record

➛ It is reputable and popular

8. Elite Singles

What makes the Elite Singles app unique is its focus on professionals of both sexes. Their members who use this app are well educated and successful in business. It is noteworthy to mention that about 80 percent of the members using it have college degrees.

It’s a great app for wealthy men and women to connect with someone in their class, as well as someone who understands the nuances of business dating.

Benefits of using this app

➛ 56 percent of the members are women

➛ Successful businessmen unite

9. Study

To be a member of the Study platform, it is best to have over $200,000 in both assets and cash.

Even in millionaire status, it still takes a certain amount of wealth to attract beautiful women to meet sugar daddies.

Although this app is new, it still has over 4,000,000 members.

The ratio of women to men for this app mainly favors the women over four times more than the male members. Women can join this platform for free.

The outstanding policy of this app is that the company removes suspicious profiles that are unlikely to be beneficial to other members.

We recommend using the advanced search option and the latest matching algorithm to find the right connection to meet a rich sugar daddy.

Benefits of using this app

➛ Verified minimum income level

➛ Four women for every man

➛ Profiles moderated to clean out spam and scammers

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