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Business Operations Management – What is an MBA in Operations Management?

What is a Business Operations Manager? An individual who holds a bachelor’s degree in business or holds a related field such as management studies, accounting, finance, or computer science. A Business Operations Manager also called a Business Analyst, is responsible for managing day-to-day business operations. An experienced Business Operations Manager can help the company achieve measurable goals and increase profitability. This position requires strong attention to detail, interpersonal skills, decision-making abilities, a keen sense of competition, detail-oriented, and an analytical mind.


The typical duties of business operations managers include ordering supplies, stocking inventory, pricing goods, and scheduling deliveries. They are usually required to conduct company routines as well as supervise staff on a daily basis. Business operations managers are also responsible for day-to-day customer service. This individual must keep inventory records, assist with customer purchases, collect a payment, and distribute merchandise to customers. Business operations managers may oversee specific departments such as accounts receivable or inventory, marketing, human resources, or distribution.


Some of the typical departments in a business that require the services of a Business Operations Manager include Accounts Receivable, Accounts Payable, Purchasing, and Marketing. The responsibility of these departments varies depending on the type of operations manager employed. Some companies have Accounts Receivable and Purchasing departments; others have a single department responsible for all accounts payable transactions. There may be one general ledger department responsible for managing financial transactions and information, while there may be a specialized department for accounts payable only. In addition, some businesses have a Marketing department that focuses on advertising programs, while a Business Operations Manager may be involved with strategic advertising. A Business Operations Manager may be involved with managing staffing requirements and payroll administration.


For a business to achieve lean management solutions, all employees must understand the importance of working within a shared framework and the associated roles and responsibilities. All staff members understand how they affect the organization and the vision of the owner or company. An operations manager is often the driving force behind a successful strategy, implementing it from a centralized point and keeping all staff members informed.


Communication is one of the most important components in operations managers’ jobs. Good communication skills are necessary for an operations manager to be successful, especially when it comes to providing timely and accurate information to staff. Good managers share information and receive it in a timely manner. They also listen to input from staff and provide honest and non-biased advice. These managers use communication skills to build and foster relationships with staff members to accomplish company goals.


Human Resources is another key factor in the success or failure of an operations manager’s efforts. Human resources are responsible for recruiting, hiring, promoting, managing, and training employees. In some organizations, Human Resources professionals may consist of part-time employees that are an integral part of the organization’s infrastructure. Other times, they are full-time employees working in the office or onsite. The primary role of human resources in operations management is to find and recruit quality candidates and to hire employees efficiently and effectively. To achieve this, they are involved in the screening and interviewing of applicants, screening on-site when necessary, and developing a competitive recruiting and hiring process to locate the best candidates for each open position within the organization.


There are a number of programs and online MBA degree programs that can help to develop a solid business operations management style. Many business operations management professionals choose to attend and complete an online MBA degree program, which allows them to continue to work in their current role while earning an advanced degree. Others choose to continue working in their current position while completing the required courses in order to advance in their career. The important thing is to have a strong management style that is capable of attracting high-quality employees and promoting the success of your company. An accredited online MBA program can teach you how to implement the best practices in business operations management and help you become an experienced manager who is capable of managing a large or small company.


Business operations management is more than just identifying what departments do well and how they should be managed. It is also important to have a good understanding of how to communicate effectively with all departments within your organization. Communication skills are fundamental to keeping everyone in the loop and on track. When it comes to selecting an online MBA program, consider whether or not the program incorporates these important business management skills.

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