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Categories of Consumer Advertisements

When the first televisions appeared on the market, categorizing Advertising was the primary job of the sales representative. They would help identify what type of advertising was suitable for what category of consumer and where it would be posted. This category of advertising was a very fluid thing and different agencies took charge of creating category standards for their own particular markets.

It took some time, but now the TV networks and even local channels themselves have their own proprietary categories. For example, there are advertiser categories for Insurance, Real Estate, Restaurants, Travel, Beauty Products, Toys, Books, and a number of other categories. There is no standardization, but there are some standards. For instance, when it comes to Television Advertising, there are general categories of behavior, entertainment, information, and product/service. Print Advertising generally falls under the category of direct marketing.

In order to categorize Advertising in a way that would make sense, the Federal government created the category of Costumers. These are people who buy a specific product or service from a manufacturer or retailer. Those businesses then have the responsibility to inform the public about those products and services. It falls to the Broadcast Service to air a wide variety of Television Ads to reach this large group of potential buyers. The category of Costumers has now been expanded to include the entire population of American population. For example, when you look in the Yellow Pages, newspapers, magazines, or on billboards, you will find Outdoor Direct Mail advertisements.

Online Direct Mail is another category. It has taken over a lot of the traditional roles of printed ads. However, online direct marketing still falls under the heading of “marketing communications.” You can order Outdoor Direct Mail online and have it directly sent to your customers in the zip codes of your targeted areas. Most companies will create an online website to help you track who is in your zip code area. This will allow you to keep track of your advertising successes and shortcomings.

Another category is Retail Marketing. This includes the distribution of literature, posters, and signs. This category also includes mailings of coupons and deals. This category falls under the categories of direct marketing to the consumer. The goal of most companies in this category is to create awareness of current sales events and new products by any means possible.

The final category is Real Estate. This includes the print media as well as the use of websites such as Craig’s List and E-catalogs. The premise behind these sites is to allow consumers to post their desires for a property on the Internet. When people in a particular area see the person’s personal ad for sale, they may be inclined to contact the person or attend an open house. The person selling the property can then follow up with the prospective buyer after the close of the sale.

The different types of categories of ads are very important to the market. These categories enable marketers to target their advertising efforts in an effective way. Without the ability to categorize ads, marketers would face a lot of difficulty in reaching out to their target audience. Categories of consumer ads also make it easier for advertisers. For instance, if you sell car parts, you would want to post an ad about a specific part that may be in demand in a certain area.

It is very important to remember that not all categories of consumer ads are effective. For example, if you sell books, you would not place an ad for children’s books. This type of ad will not reach out to your target audience because the people in this category do not read books. However, if you sell instructional videos, you could advertise your products to a target audience of older individuals who love instructional videos. By closely analyzing your target audience and the most appropriate categories of ads, you will definitely achieve better results from your advertisements.

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