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Choose Best Touch screen Monitor For PC 2022-baobao-industries

As a producer of customized touchscreens, We design and build customized touchscreen monitors according to the demands of customers.  We’ve been able successfully to get through various tests specific to industry and requirements. This helps reduce the expense of development and gives you an edge in constantly changing industries. You can trust the skillful professional.


Optic holding is one of our biggest accomplishments. We offer optically sharp and fully fortified frames. Industrial 32 inch touch screen monitor that is optically enhanced in extremely appealing conditions. You can make a convincing claim.


We can conduct personal touch tests for you, based on different advancements, materials, and technological advancements. If necessary, the sensor’s level of touch is adjustable to an appropriate level for efficient or efficient applications. As a professionally trained producer of contact screens, we offer reliable and efficient assistance.

Protection Filter

Security insurance and security of information are vital to contact frames. The increasing usage of touchscreens enhances the need for security-related contact screens.


We test and punch the useful fixing frameworks for efficient and stable integration of your framework. We can achieve the best savings ratio through our incredible fixing capabilities that exceed IP69K. A proven cycle and robotics guarantee stable cycles and high quality.

Hosting Hostile for REFLECTIVE COATING

We’ll provide you with the most complete options to combat optical opponents that are coated with intelligent technology. We offer a full arrangement supplier of reflective Contact frames. False AR equipped with intelligent coatings, such as AG coatings for the scratching system or heated shower curtains are among the designs we offer regularly. 


EMC security doesn’t have to be costly. We’re pleased to offer practical solutions to your needs by the specifics of the pertinent standard. We have an extensive selection of projects that have been completed and are currently offering a variety of common solutions for you without additional expense. The materials for protection that are not commonly used are available in the distribution center.


As a manufacturer of touchscreen screens, we offer a fully coordinated and sunlight-capable touchscreen monitor made of PET polyester that can accurately adjust the touch screen to a wide range of optical conditions. We have the best solution for your optical needs.


Sunscreen is the best source of heat protection. Infrared channels safeguard your display from overheating as well as premature failure in your applications. We can provide IR insurance channels by overlaying PET film, or as temperatures-instable IR security glass with long durability and low heat input.


UV radiation is the most crucial element for the rapid maturation of structures for show. To ensure reliability and high clarity the structure’s surface as well as defensive channels ought to be chosen. We have given examples of testing conducted outdoors.

Glass Covered

The optical grip of one glass layer makes the appearance of touchscreens. Glass that is coated and has Sway resistance that is greater than IK10 +, is a positive choice for us. Glass covers are perfect for securing parts when glass breaks and decrease the chance of.

PCAP Touch Screen Customized for Personalization

Our selection includes standard PCAP contact screens, ranging in size from seven inches up to. For extremely high-end requirements regarding effective opposition as well, we supply you with our extremely robust IK10 contact screen. Modern, high-end PCAP Contact from the top at a price that’s attractive.

Custom Industrial Monitors

Explore the endless possibilities for possibilities, and create your own unique, modern screen that reflects your style and adds to the aesthetics of your picture.


  1. Beautiful tones
  2. Excellent materials
  3. Alluring glasses
  4. Imaginative hardware

There are no limitations regarding your ideas or plans and your sole acknowledgment.


Our objective was to create innovative screens that are suitable for the future of technological advancements and the latest medical equipment.

  1. with an ingenious approach
  2. Remarkable picture quality
  3. The capacity to be extremely clever
  4. Amazing value execution proportion
  5. Every screen that is modern is rigorously tested and of the highest quality. Design and production are taken care of by baobao.


Baobao is a corporation with its headquarters for development in Canada and Munich which is home to highly trained experts in the field of architecture and design.

There is the possibility of trusting in secure technologies, as an expert improvement team for touchscreens. We can alter the result to meet your specifications.

Modern Monitors

In the last 20 years, we’ve created, developed, and disseminated technologies for touch screen monitor for pc. We’ve developed our version of an existing contact screen framework that has incredible cycle capabilities and capability of the item.

Custom Touch Panel

  • Existing Project or Drop-in Replacement or a Brand New Design Type of Product Standard or Custom-Made
  • Type of Touch Panel Touch Panel Type: Capacitive or Resistive
  • Graphics: Digital/Analog
  • Quantity
  • Price Target (If it is available)
  • Shipping Information (FOB US or FCA: Hong Kong)
  • Extra Information (If there is one)

For this CAPACITIVE TOUCH Application, it’s crucial to be aware of these:

  • Touch Type (Single Point Multi-touch Touch Key, two-point, glove salt, and water)
  • Handwriting Support (Yes/No) and drilling holes (Yes/No)
  • The preferred controller (if it is available)
  • The Touch Panel Dimensions (Active Size Outside Dimensions covered, and thickness of touch panels)
  • Dimensions of LCD (Active Area, Viewing Area, and Resolution)
  • Connector (B2B or FPC) and Interface Type (SPI or I2C)
  • The Drop Test condition (<0.5m and 1m <3H or none) 8) Surface Hardness (>2H >3H +7H)
  • Surface treatment requirement: AG(Antiglare), AR(Anti-reflection), AF(Anti-fingerprint), AS(Anti-shuttering)
  • bonding LCD Air Bonding is optical?
  • Material and the thickness of the glass cover (Tempered Gorilla Dragtrail plastic)

We request that you provide us with as many details as you can. If you have any queries about any of the above information, you may get in touch with us.

If you’re unsure about any of the above information or have any questions about creating a touch panel, don’t hesitate to contact us. We’re ready to help you in the development process, from ideas to manufacturing.

Touch Screen Solutions and Protective Shield Integration

Today, touchscreens including touch screens, touch screens, and custom industrial PCs are essential tools for gathering information from a wide range of industries, such as retail, hospitality and higher education, healthcare and. This is the reason Canvys employs experts in the integration of shields and touch screens. 

Utilizing LCDs that have either branded or have no branding.

Develop touch-screen solutions that can be custom-designed to meet your needs.

  • Integration of shields to safeguard
  • Installation and calibration experts.
  • We provide maintenance on-site as well as 24/7 online support to resolve issues via the baobao service

We also have strong relationships with the manufacturer of the original equipment to ensure that we have access to the latest touchscreen technology. You can count on us to offer you an abundance of resources, such as U.S.- and Europe-integrated facilities, Clean Rooms that are Class 10,000, as well as the expertise in driver and firmware to ensure compatibility with various applications.

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