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Cost of health insurance in the USA and medical cost

The United States is one of the countries with the highest medical costs in the world. A simple consultation with a general practitioner often exceeds 100 USD and a consultation with a specialist doctor starts at 150 USD up to several hundred dollars depending on the doctor and the region. Hospitalization in the USA can go up to 6 figures… It is therefore very important to take out USA health insurance to avoid heavy debts. Indeed, if you do not pay your medical bills in the USA, you are automatically “filed” and subsequently blocked for any credit application with “credit scoring”. If you have left a “slate” in the USA for medical expenses, it will be difficult for you to return to the territory again without risking a lot. What costs are covered by French social security? By your credit card? Up to what amount can these organizations reimburse your health costs and are these guarantees suitable for American medical costs? How much does health insurance cost in the USA?

The USA: 1st in the world ranking of health costs

Each year, international rankings are established by different organizations to pinpoint the countries where medical costs are the highest. While the ranking is changing with the emergence of countries with increasingly high medical costs, the United States still remains at the top of the ranking.

Healthcare costs in the USA: the highest in the world

Let’s talk price. In order for the figures to make sense, let’s make a comparison between the prices in France and the prices in the United States.

– Thus a consultation with the general practitioner costs on average 80€ against 25€ partially funded in France. A consultation with a specialist generally costs between 200USD and 300USD. At this level already, the price difference is felt. The figures are even more frightening when it comes to medical procedures.

– An x-ray, an ultrasound, a scanner or an MRI necessarily cost several hundred dollars. They can easily exceed 1000 USD or even in some firms with prices among the highest exceed 2000 USD.

– A day of hospital treatment costs at least €4,200 in the USA compared to €800 in France. If you have to have an angioplasty operation, it will cost around €50,000 more in the United States than in France. The coronavirus crisis has highlighted resuscitation and intensive care services, the amounts there are even higher.

How does French social security cover medical expenses in the United States?

– The French health insurance website gives some examples of these astronomical figures. It is necessary to count a coverage by the health insurance of less than 5% of the price of the total invoice. If you do the math, an intervention for a broken leg (fall, car accident, staircase at home, etc.), can cost more than €30,000 with coverage from French health insurance or your health insurance fund. local health insurance (for Europeans) around 2,000€, you will then have to find 28,000€. Don’t think American hospitals are going to forget the bill, either. If you do not pay, you will then be put in collection and if you stay in the United States, your “credit history”will be degraded and if you live outside the United States, your next visit to this country is highly compromised.

Note that prices differ not only between states, but also between cities! Thus a surgical operation will certainly cost you more in New York than in Ohio.

Specific coverage for hospitalization in the USA

Where in France, care is largely reimbursed through social security, the United States has a different health system. This is especially the case in a country with hyper-high medical costs like the United States where the medical cost is very high.The ceilings for bank card insurance do not exceed €150,000 or even €11,000 for the most basic bank cards and the guarantees are insufficient without covering, in particular in the event of an epidemic.

If you do not have health insurance in the USA, in the event of hospitalization you will have to make a direct payment either with your bank card or by signing an acknowledgment of debt document. If you are not in good condition, American hospitals are used to it and will be able to contact your relatives to ensure funding for the care given to you. Otherwise, you will not be cured. If you have medical insurance, the insurer will cover your hospitalization directly.

How much does health insurance cost in the USA?

The price of insurance in the USA is affordable. During a trip to the United States, it is of paramount importance to take out health insurance, especially if you live permanently there. This will save you mishaps in the event of an accident and above all an extraordinary bill. The price of health insurance for the United States is very variable according to different criteria:

  • the length of your stay
  • your age
  • the level of guarantees: hospitalization only, current medicine, maternity, optics, dental, prevention, etc.
  • the chosen contract
  • the conditions of application and the exclusions

Here are some elements of comparison knowing that it is essential to compare the guarantees and not only to look at the price. If you buy “cheap” USA insurance, it may also be because it will not cover you properly when you need it. If this should happen to you, then it will be too late to change insurance. Here are some prices to validate by contacting EuropUSA for your insurance in the United States:

  • A one-week stay for a tourist: 30-45€
  • One month of stay for a student: 50-90€ knowing that some American universities will not hesitate to charge you at least 200USD/month…
  • One month of insurance for a young entrepreneur in the USA in their thirties: 120-250€
  • One month of insurance for a family in their forties with 2 children: 250-500€

For an American health insurance, the prices are very variable because according to the level of deductible, the price will change a lot. Know that American insurance can have a deductible of up to 6,000 USD: the insurance will begin to reimburse you once you have spent 6,000 USD in the year.

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