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Costs Are Associated With DUI Cases

Car accidents are traumatizing experiences that result in death and serious injuries. Unfortunately, more than half of the accidents are linked to substance use, such as alcohol and illegal drugs. That’s why states have a driving under the influence (DUI) statute to prevent people from operating a vehicle while under the influence of substances.

You will incur considerable costs if caught driving under the influence, and you should consider hiring an attorney.

Why hire an attorney for a DUI case

1. An attorney has experience in DUI law

An attorney knows the ins and outs of DUI law. Therefore, contact drunk driving accident lawyer Houston if you’re charged with DUI.

2. Lower court costs

Since lawyers have experience, they will use that knowledge to reduce your charges.

3. To help you retain your license.

You should hire a lawyer immediately if you get involved in a road accident. The lawyer will work to have your charges reduced to enable you to have the licenses back.

4. Reduce insurance costs.

There are multiple costs associated with DUI. Since DUI is a state-specific crime, it’s challenging to pinpoint DUI costs. Each state decides on the amount of money or punishment to impose on DUI charges. But you’ll generally incur the following DUI-related costs.

  • Fines

Each state determines the acceptable amount as an appropriate monetary punishment for breaking the law. Your fines will depend on the number of offences you committed while driving under the influence.

  • Penalties

The process of getting a DUI is expensive. Therefore, Cost and court penalties count a lot in the DUI charges. Such will cover the time spent on your case and the money spent to test and screen you. Also, if you harmed a person, a court may order you to pay for the victims’ restitution fund.

  • Insurance

Regardless of your state, you’re supposed to carry valid driver’s insurance. The insurance company can drop the insurance cover if you get charged for DUI. Moreover, you will pay more premiums due to increased risks posed by DUI.

5. DMV fees.

The department of motor vehicles can suspend your driving license if you get charged with a DUI case. That will come with a reinstatement fee and other vehicle registration fees. Moreover, you will have to pay for traffic school to regain your license.

6. Loss of wages

If you get arrested or, worse, be jailed, you won’t be able to carry out your day-to-day activities. That means you will lose your wages, and your family’s sources of income will reduce. Also, you will be charged for towing and impounding fees.

7. Ignition interlock

In most states, you’ll get an ignition interlock system in your vehicle following a DUI conviction. When installed in your car, you will be required to blow into it. If a substance such as alcohol is detected, your car ignition locks up and fails to start. But you’ll have to incur the device’s costs, including the monthly rental and installation fee.


A DUI charge is a severe case requiring legal expertise. As discussed above, DUI can cost you much, if not everything. For that reason, you should hire an experienced DUI attorney to enhance your chances of a favorable outcome.

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