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Daihatsu’s EV Concept debuts Alya as an electric version of the Axia

At the GIASS Indonesia 2022, Mobil Daihatsu unveiled a new concept electric car called the Alya EV Concept, which is known as the ‘sister car’ to the Axia and is therefore considered to be the Axia EV of the future.

This is an electric car that has been transformed from the existing Alya model. The front end of the car has a one-piece water tank shroud and a through-lighting LED light bar, which, together with the illuminated logo, gives it a more technical and sporty look. The bodywork looks similar to the Axia, but the rear view mirror design has been removed in favour of a camera to reduce wind resistance.

Compared to the current Axia 1.0L three-cylinder natural gas engine with an output of 67Hp, the electric engine is slightly better, with a maximum horsepower of 80Hp, although the weight of the car is increased by the battery, so the difference in horsepower and weight is not expected to be too great. The 32kWh battery is sufficient for urban commuting. This can be seen in the 28.9kWh battery pack of the MINI Cooper SE electric car, which officially has a range of 232km.

However, this is only a concept car and it is unknown whether it will take shape in the future and whether it will enter the Malaysian market once it is launched.

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