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Development of women in sport in Mexico

During the pre-Hispanic times, there were many other sports and some games allowed mixed team competitions (men and women on the same team). However, there was also strong discrimination against women.

In addition, during the Spanish occupation, many of these sports were no longer practiced due to the new beliefs imposed by the conquerors.

Photo: Milton Martinez / Minister of Culture CDMX

Over the years, women have been forced to take on certain sexual roles depending on the social context they were in. The rise of romantic love during the Middle Ages offered the concepts of chivalry and daring in men.

In this way, the woman’s role was reduced to the object of conquest for them. They were expected to be delicate, passive and submissive, ready to fall into the arms of a knight in shining armor. Wow! †

Therefore, women were not allowed to participate in 스포츠중계 activities. Only a few women were able to practice recreation. Later, in the 18th century, the appearance of the corset prevented us from playing sports.

If it is in itself uncomfortable to go through life with tense organs, I can’t imagine how uncomfortable it would be to exercise so much. Due to this fact, the regular participation of women in sports in Mexico and the world began in the mid-19th century.

At the same time, however, other prejudices and myths about our participation in sports have surfaced. Many of these prejudices haunt us to this day, even after several years of society’s supposed intellectual development.

Women’s participation in sports in Mexico began in the mid-nineteenth century

Prejudice against women in sports in Mexico

To name a few, if we do sports we will see ourselves as “masculine”, there is nothing further from reality. Physiologically, women and men are different, this is a fact that we cannot deny. However, this does not mean that we cannot exercise.

What it implies is that we are not going to gain muscle mass the way men do. Our hormones work differently and to grow in volume we need to get nutritional and exercise advice to achieve this. Also, most of the biased people who make these comments would like to have the same physique as Serena Williams or Ana Guevara, I’d say.


Another myth that plagues women in sports in Mexico is that it can affect our fertility. In general, our health will be “affected” if we exercise or exercise, especially high performance.

They tell us that we can have periods, have problems with our organs and that we cannot have children due to the intensity of the training. In reality, many women exercised while pregnant without any serious condition. Of course, it is advisable to go to sports health professionals and get a recommendation from the doctor treating the pregnancy to make it safe.

Finally a bias that discourages women in sports in Mexico

is that “we are not made for these activities.” As I said, women do not have the right to recognize in ourselves the potential that we can achieve in sport.

That is why it is often the women themselves who propagate this myth. They admit that they are not suitable for physical activity without even trying because they have been told for years that this is a reality.

Women’s prejudice in sports prevents us from participating in these activities


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