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Do you know how to ensure machinery?

Machines used in construction, mining, or agribusiness are essential for carrying out the work. At the same time, they are expensive equipment and if an eventuality such as, for example, a theft occurs, the damage is enormous. Therefore, it is necessary to be aware of how to ensure these goods with so clean insurace.

In this case, insurance for machinery and equipment guarantees compensation in the event of accidents. Of course, what it will cover will depend on the contracted plan and the amount received in the event of a total loss, for example, will be according to the insurance policy.

However, the truth is that anyone, whether the owner of a construction company or a rural producer, will be more relaxed knowing that they will be reimbursed in cases of damage to their property. Is your equipment already protected? See how to ensure machinery and equipment and check out tips for choosing the best plan! 

Why take out machine insurance?

Agricultural machines are part of the daily life of the rural producer. Whether it’s a cane chipper to feed the cows, or harvesters and planters, there’s always an investment made. 

The same happens in civil construction, in mining companies, among others. Machinery is part of everyday life and is used a lot. Without it, many tasks could not be completed on time. In this way, losing this equipment, whether due to theft or an accident, will certainly cause a real inconvenience.

After all, in addition to not having the goods to use in the daily routine, there is the cost of the equipment itself. If this is calculated, taking into account not only the price of the machine but all the inconvenience and losses caused by the lack of it, the financial loss would be enormous.

This, not to mention that the rural producer or the company does not always have the resources available to buy another one immediately. Thus, the lack of machinery can result in losses considered incalculable. 

And that’s why you need to be protected and understand how to ensure machinery. When a person is careful, they know they will be protected in case something unexpected happens. After all, just see if the claim is covered by the policy, call the insurance company, and count on the support of specialized professionals to solve the problem. In general, policies cover cases such as:

  • Theft;
  • Theft;
  • Damage resulting from an accident, such as rollover or collision;
  • Disasters such as lightning, fire, explosion, gale, and hail.

However, there are other types of policies that may offer more or less. Therefore, one of the tips on how to hire insurance is to be aware of what it covers. Thus, you can find one that suits the needs of the company or the type of work. 

After all, it is possible to find policies that allow you to include additional coverage, such as:

  • Civil responsibility;
  • Electrical damage;
  • Loss or payment of rent;
  • Loss of profits;
  • Fixed expenses, among others.

How does machine insurance work?

Before knowing how to ensure machinery, it is necessary to keep in mind that several pieces of equipment can be insured. Tractors, irrigation pivots, sprayers, agricultural implements, platforms, planters, and harvesters are some of them. 

To have insurance, you need to look for an insurance company and ask for an analysis of your case and the options chosen. After that, to have machine insurance you need to pay an amount. 

Once the machine is insured and a possible grace period has been fulfilled, if your machine suffers any damage, it is possible to call the insurance company. The case will be evaluated.

If the damage is covered, the costs of repair or even the machine will be returned to the owner, always following what was agreed at the time of contracting and the value of the policy. In general, most insurance for machines is mainly aimed at protecting the person from material damage that the equipment may suffer. Among them, for example:

  • fire;
  • explosion;
  • collision;
  • accidental tipping over;
  • collision damage;
  • damage caused by natural events such as windstorms, lightning, and hail. 

In addition, additional coverage can also be contracted, according to needs. See some specific cases. 

How to get construction insurance

By knowing how to take out insurance for construction machinery, the company is, for example, guaranteed to pay compensation for damages resulting from accidents at work when using a machine or installing new equipment. This type of insurance can be contracted by legal entities or individuals and is used for the most different types of work.  

How to insure mining equipment and equipment

There is insurance for heavy machinery and equipment that has different plans. Thus, the mining company can find the best alternative for its needs. In this way, it manages both to protect the machines and to ensure that the person who may suffer giving it also has support. 

agricultural equipment

Anyone who works with agribusiness knows very well the damage that the lack of a harvester can do. The problem is that as it is very used equipment, accidents also occasionally happen. Therefore, it is necessary to know how to take out insurance for machines and choose the coverage that best suits the routine of the rural property. 

machine rentals

Those who work with machine leasing also need to protect vehicles. For this group, there is a special plan, which even covers damages suffered when third parties are driving the machinery. 

How to insure machinery?

Next, check out some tips on how to insure machines that meet exactly what you need! 

Step 1: Request a quote and understand how to get insurance

The first tip on how to take out insurance and machines is to choose reliable brokers that are duly accredited by SUSEP (Superintendence of Private Insurance).

Step 2: Review the coverage offered

Once you have received quotes from several brokers, evaluate what each one offers. After all, there is no point in paying less and not having what you need. Read carefully.

Step 3: Compare with market proposals

Compare the proposals well and see what is most relevant. Sometimes the difference is small in value, but the perks of paying a little more are great. Stay tuned and only close the contract after you are sure of what you want. 


Nobody wants an accident to happen, but everyone is subject to unforeseen circumstances. Therefore, it is necessary to pay attention and provide adequate insurance for the machines.

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