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DRIVERS: GOOF Owner Shares 2019 Suzuki Jimny Sierra Compact Off-Road Bike

The fourth generation of the Jimny became the talk of the automotive world immediately after its launch in 2018, thanks to its compact yet rugged off-road looks. In this latest edition of DRIVERS, real-life user Jerald is interviewed about his story with the Suzuki Jimny, a best Suzuki Indonesia Mobil.

Before founding the cafe GOOF with his friends, Jerald worked as an editor in Hong Kong’s trendy media industry for many years and has always been passionate about car culture and outdoor trends. For this shoot, he invited his friend Jim, one of the managers of local fashion outdoor brand no more heAvy, to join him on a car camping trip.

What do these interests or jobs bring to you – trends, cars, coffee shops?
Jerald: “It gives me a more balanced lifestyle, I guess. It’s important for me to be able to incorporate my hobbies into my work, like sometimes having GOOF work with local artists or brands, and driving this Jimny to work every day, those are the moments I enjoy.

When did you get the Jimny?
“In fact, the Hong Kong agent announced the introduction of the Jimny in 2018, and as soon as I received the news, I rushed to the showroom to place an order, which must have been the first ten, but I ended up waiting for a year.

Why did you choose a small crossover with only two doors when there are different models available in the market?
“I’m a very boring person and I’ve always thought that if the world were to end, the best way to save my life would be to drive a 4×4 that could conquer all terrains, so I’ve been thinking about buying an off-road vehicle for a long time. It is indeed more convenient and practical. It’s a pity that only the JB74 is available in Hong Kong for the time being, otherwise I would have chosen the narrower 660cc version of the JB64.

And why did you choose this model among the different Jimnys?
“I really liked the old Jimnys like the 413, and I kept looking for a good deal on one after I got my licence. This Jimny is now a traditional format, but the factory has added cushioning to the chassis and cabin joints, so it’s surprisingly comfortable (not comparable to a saloon, of course), yet retains the dynamics of an off-road vehicle, so there’s really nothing to complain about.

What is the main use of the car during the day?
“I live in a remote area, so it’s easier to get around with a car. I like surfing and this Jimny is a good place for me to put my own board, I don’t like to use rental boards.

What do you think of the Jimny’s popularity in recent years?
“The Jimny was the only one on the market today, but it’s only because of the retro look of the fourth generation that it’s become a hit. In fact, the Jimny has a longer history than the G-Class, and there are really a lot of modifications that can be made to the Jimny to make it more personalised. But I think the original car is already very good-looking, so I didn’t do any special modifications.

What other small off-road vehicles appeal to you?
“I hope they will consider replicating the Jimny after seeing its success, so there will be more choices in the market.

What does a car mean to you?
“Apart from traffic jams and parking problems, cars really do make life easier. For example, many people want to own a G-Class, but even if I could afford it, I don’t think it would suit me any better than a Jimny.

What was or is your dream car?
“I think this Jimny is now, and then I hope I can afford to buy the last air-cooled 993 from Porsche in the future.

What is the future of the car industry and car culture?
“We all know that the future will be electric cars. I’ve driven the Tesla Model 3, and it’s true that the Tesla electric car is a real pleasure to use, and the design is very advanced and user-friendly. Perhaps it is because both the electric cars and the SUVs of different brands in recent years look like inverted models, with similar designs. So I believe that for those who like to show off their individuality, they will continue to search for more special mid-vintage cars in the future, so the resale price of mid-vintage JDMs and European cars has been increasing.

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