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Ducati 797 A more affordable “monster” Ducati Monster 797 analysis

September 11 – When it comes to the Ducati Monster, many people are sure to be impressed by its classic styling and spirited ride. The Monster 800 and the S2R 800 are in fact the entry versions of the Monster.

Today, Ducati welcomes the newest member of the family, the Monster 797. What are the features of this more affordable ride than the Monster 821? Here are a few keywords to help you find out.

Sporty and lean at the same time

The design of the Monster 797 is both elegant and muscular, with integrated wide handlebars, fuel tank, trellis frame, engine and twin swingarm. The sporty lines of the bike’s design define its sporty style, and the compact, sporty look is the essence of the Monster range.

● Clean and uncluttered

The clean lines of the Ducati MONSTER 797 are further enhanced by design elements that are structural elements, such as the monocoque trellis frame. The simple yet refined bodywork gives a fresh feel while presenting a strong family-style and deep technical expertise, making it more suitable for public riding.

● Modern and classic at the same time

The design of the Monster 797 is inspired by the original prototype, but with a more modern interpretation. The classic round headlight with LED outline light, the reintroduction of the locking fuel tank and the powerful Desmodue twin-cylinder design, as well as the return of natural air cooling. The combination of classic elements and modern components gives it a modern and classic look that is unique to the Monster.

A sporty model that is loved by all

The Monster 797 is perfect for newcomers to motorcycling and newcomers to Ducati, but even experienced racers will find pure thrill in the Monster.

● Multi-terrain all-rounder

The Monster 797 chassis has been designed to minimize the difficulty of riding. The compact body lowered and narrowed seat, wide handlebars and light bodywork allow for maximum agility on city streets and freedom of movement on the trails.

● Incredible power

The monster 797 is powered by a Desmodue engine that delivers 73 hp and a maximum torque of 6.8 km at 5750 rpm. The power is delivered smoothly thanks to the 50mm twin-injected monobloc throttle design and the signature Ducati twin-cylinder engine that ensures a fast response at any throttle opening. Torque output is very consistent, with 90% of maximum power output available between 4000 and 8500 rpm, ensuring optimum riding pleasure with minimal gear changes.

● A hundred revs of fun

As with the first-generation Monster, the integrated trellis frame combined with the short wheelbase chassis ensures maneuverability and agility in handling. Veteran riders are sure to be pleased with the handling and the easy steering design, which gives them more pleasure from faster corner entry speeds.

● A wind-swept experience

To make the most of the Desmodue’s outstanding horsepower, the Monster 797 is equipped with a 43mm fully tuning fork and a rear shock with adjustable preload and rebound. Brembo brakes and Bosch 9.1MP ABS are fitted as standard to maximize safety and provide an even more exciting sport riding experience.

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