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Earn More With Ibotta

If you haven’t heard of Ibotta , it’s the best way to save money at the grocery store. You use the app both in store and on your mobile device to get cash back for certain purchases. Simply select an item and verify the purchase within the app. That’s all you have to do for the bonus to be added to your balance and start saving and earning money.

In addition to getting CASH BACK for individual purchases through Ibotta, you can use the app to earn money!

When you refer friends or team up with other users, making money is easy. For every friend you refer to Ibotta, you’ll get a sign-up bonus – $5 for you, and a $10 welcome bonus for every friend who joins you. Working as a team will allow you to earn more than one of you could earn alone.

Some of the bonuses are meant to be used by teams, and your monthly bonus will include bonuses that have been earned by your teammates.

LINK YOUR STORE LOYALTY CARDS TO THE APPWorking with hundreds of stores and other businesses, Ibotta makes it easy to receive bonuses. Earn bonuses even without scanning your receipts when you shop with Preferred Partners. All it takes for you to take advantage of this great opportunity to earn money is to link your store loyalty card to the Ibotta app. Please allow at least 24 hours of processing time before purchasing to ensure your card is fully linked to the app.

To ensure you don’t miss out on any savings at your favorite stores:

  1. Sign up for Ibotta here .
  2. Participating stores can be found on  this list .
  3. When you find a store you like, simply tap the “Verify Purchases” button at the bottom of the screen, then scan or type in your loyalty card number. It’s as easy as that.

Ibotta offers bonus bonuses on different products all the time. These bonus bonuses frequently coincide with different holiday seasons throughout the year. Bonus bonuses are a great way to MAKE MORE MONEY with Ibotta. These bonuses are often associated with products that have individual bonuses as well, so that earning makes more money. Not only do you get the individual item bonus, you get the bonus!


Once you are familiar with Ibotta and the bonuses offered in the app, you will see that even after you get a bonus, the bonus is still available to be used again. This is because the promotion is still active. You can get a bonus as many times as you like during this promotional period.

Taking advantage of this opportunity to get multiple bonuses is easy! The only rule is “one bonus per receipt.” This means that no more than one identical bonus can be sent in a single receipt.

Although this may seem like a hassle, it isn’t if you use this trick: buy the item you want that offers a bonus. That goes on a receipt. Pay for a second item separately, so each one is on its own receipt.

You have 7 days after purchasing your item to submit your receipt. This means that you can get bonuses on duplicate items that are purchased at the same time (but on separate receipts). It’s much easier than going to the store several times a week just to get bonuses on the products you want.

Two or three days after submitting your receipt through Ibotta, review the application. While the promotion is still running, the bonuses for the items you have already purchased should still be available. Simply submit the second receipt for the same item, and get your money back!


If you’re looking to earn even more money with the Ibotta app, familiarize yourself with the price of items in different stores. When you choose to buy your items from the store at the best deal, you increase your chances of not only saving money, but making money on these purchases.

Keep track of which stores have the best deals on frequently purchased items with a price book. This will let you know you’re getting the best deal on your purchase and make it more likely that you’ll not only save money, but make money!


Sometimes you can get multiple bonuses for the same product. We call this “stacking”. Sometimes specific brands will offer bonuses for any item purchased. When these items are also covered by an “any brand” bonus, you can get both bonuses for a single item! This is another great way to save and make money with Ibotta.

To show you how this works, let’s say there are two bonuses available for butter:

  • 25¢ off any brand
  • 75¢ off butter

When this happens, you can use TWO BONUSES for ONE ITEM! The bonuses will be added together giving you a total of $1 in bonuses for a packet of butter!


Often times, items that are on sale are made more attractive by adding coupons to the mix. Ibotta uses bonuses as a form of advertising. This essentially provides the same product exposure that coupons traditionally provide.

If a bonus is offered for an item on the Ibotta app, you can expect that item to be on sale now or in the near future. This brings us to one more way to make money with Ibotta. Check the coupon section in the newspaper for additional coupons for even more savings! If Ibotta has a bonus to it, it’s probably there.

When you add up these three different ways to earn money, offer + coupon + bonus apps, you can really see how Ibotta can lead you to save money, and make money.

Food coupons that offer discounts on healthy food are hard to find. Ibotta makes it easy to save (and earn) money on food that’s Good for you. It’s so simple.

  1. Focus on low-priced items to maximize savings

When you combine low-priced items with the bonuses you earn with Ibotta, you have the opportunity to save a lot of money.

One way to take advantage of this feature is to look for items that are usually priced around $1 each. Some examples of items that have a low starting price are flavored yogurt, granola bars, nuts, and dried fruit. Focusing on these single-use items can really help add to your savings quickly.

  1. Don’t rule out bonuses that require buying multiple items

Pay attention to bonuses that require the purchase of multiple items. Some of the bonuses work this way. It can be a great way to save money on items you weren’t looking for, but were going to buy anyway. More savings!

  1. Buy the smallest containers available

Many of the bonuses offered through Ibotta are valid on any size of a particular product. If you want to save and make as much money as you can, choose the smallest or cheapest size available. Following this advice will make your savings and earnings grow as quickly as possible.

Here’s how choosing a smaller container can practically win your money: Let’s say you want to buy some peanuts. For this example, assume that an 8 oz container costs $1 and a 32 oz container costs $4.

When you use Ibotta to earn bonuses on 8 oz containers: 

3 packs x $1 each = $3 total – 50¢ (x3) individual bonuses – 50¢ bonus bonus = $1 for 24 oz of nuts!

When you use bonuses on the 32 oz containers:

3 packs x $4 each = $12 total – 50¢ (x3) individual bonuses – 50¢ bonus bonus = $10

By opting for the smaller package, you save $9 on just that one item!

  1. Use the app to find bonuses while you shop

When just getting started with Ibotta, people can sometimes be confused as to which items qualify for which bonuses.

To avoid this confusion, do not put the item in your cart before verifying that the item qualifies for the rewards you want.

This can be easy if you use Ibotta to open the bonus and then scroll down until you see “verify product barcode”. Click that button and scan the item before putting it in your cart. The app will let you know if you qualify for the bonus or not.

If the bonus is good for that item, put it in your cart and continue shopping. If not, please try scanning a different item or look at the bonus description to make sure you are purchasing the correct product.


It’s a good idea to save your receipts as you can earn a bonus for up to a full week after your purchase.

Although Thursdays are the official release day for new bonuses, it can sometimes take several days for bonuses to become available on Ibotta. Definitely check out the new bonuses that are available on Thursdays and go ahead and make your purchase. Remember to check the app later in the week to find any bonuses that may have been added for things you’ve already purchased.

  1. Increase your savings with mobile shopping

Ibotta also includes bonuses for all your mobile shopping needs. All mobile options can be found under the “mobile” category within the app. As with in-store bonuses, mobile bonuses also change seasonally.

Ebates or BeFrugal may sometimes have better bonuses, but that’s not always how it works. Be sure to check places like Groupon before you buy through Ibotta. You can often find 25% bonuses in addition to the Ibotta bonus.

  1. Shop at the police station and save

Are you in the military? Or do you have friends and family who are? Saving money at the police station is easy! Police stations often have coupon restrictions – they usually don’t accept grocery store coupons and don’t allow stacking bonuses. With Ibotta, you don’t need to shop elsewhere to get the bonuses. Just use the app!

  1. Use Ibotta with your discount winery memberships

Many times, wineries like BJ’s or Sam’s Club require a membership fee to join. Ibotta offers bonuses for memberships to some of these stores, making it easy for you to save more money on your shopping needs. Buying in bulk can be a real money saver, and Ibotta can help you save even more by offering you discounts on membership fees.


Ibotta is truly one of the best ways to reduce your food spending by giving you cash back for the things you routinely buy. The key is to use it for things you buy anyway. For a few extra minutes of planning, you can earn hundreds of dollars a year in cash back. Try it.

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