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First MPV to wear a crown: Toyota Vellfire

As the 2021 Shanghai Auto Show draws nearer, more and more new cars are coming to light in the near future, including the first-ever Toyota Crown Vellfire poster captured by Chinese media, which appears to be on display with the Crown Kugler SUV on April 19! Toyota Vellfire Price 2022 in Malaysia reaches up to RM 367,881

This is the first time we have seen the Vellfire wearing the crown. From the poster, the Crown Vellfire is based on the Vellfire Hybrid and upgraded with a new front-end shape.

In addition to the “Crown” logo, the grille design on both sides of the front bumper has been enlarged and the double-layer headlight cluster has been retained, the overall design is similar to that of the Japanese version.

According to Chinese media reports, the Crown Vellfire may be equipped with a 2.5L engine (115hp/198Nm) and a front and rear dual-horsepower hybrid system with a combined maximum horsepower of 161hp and an E-CVT transmission. Although the design of the rear and interior of the car is not visible, it is believed that it will be treated with premium materials.

In addition, Toyota Crown will launch not only the SUV version of Crown Kugler in China but also the MPV Crown Vellfire. According to this move, it is presumed that Toyota will put on more cars with “Crown” in the future, and it is expected that “Crown” is expected to become a luxury sub-brand? Anyway, stay tuned!

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