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Whether fleece, mohair wool, cotton or polyester, this product should surround you with its warmth and softness throughout your nights. How to make the best choice among all the models? Price, materials, colours. We give you our opinion on bed duvet covers. The blanket, or duvet, is an essential bedding item for obtaining good sleep quality. And this will be all the more true as outside temperatures drop at night.

During the sleep phase, the body temperature drops a few tenths a degree. The cover allows the sleeper to stay warm during his sleep. It plays a thermal regulating role. This is why choosing a good bed cover is as important as choosing your mattress. It is more or less easy to navigate among the multitude of choices offered in the trade.

Light or enveloping, solid colour navy throw or patterned, there is something for all tastes and at all prices!

1. Our advice for choosing the right cover

The blanket is an important part of bed linen. It allows you to sleep warm in winter or avoid sweating in summer. For quality sleep, it is important to consider a few essential criteria. They help determine the best type of coverage for different seasons or circumstances.

There are natural and synthetic duvets. The choice will depend on your budget and the type of comfort desired. But other criteria are involved in the choice of a good cover.

A. Dimensions of the cover

The first criterion for selecting its cover remains its cut. Indeed, as its name suggests, a blanket must have excellent covering power, depending on its dimensions!

Of course, these dimensions depend on those of your bed. The duvet is recommended to protrude 20-40 cm on each side of the bed. This avoids “draughts” when asleep.

  • For asingle bed 90×190 cm, opt for a 1 person blanket 140×200 cm ;
  • For a120x190 cm double bed, favor a 2-person blanket 200×200 cm ;
  • For a double bed 140×190 cm, choose a blanket 220×240 cm ;
  • For a queen-size bed 160×200 cm, a 240×260 cm blanket will do;
  • For aking size bed 180×200 cm, think of a blanket 280×240 cm.

Choosing the right size for your blanket ensures thermal comfort adapted to the bed size.

1. Maintenance of the cover

A cover needs maintenance. It is important to keep your bedroom well ventilated and to shake out bedding items to keep them dry.

Putting them in the washing machine is sometimes complicated, depending on the size and materials. The manufacturers indicate the type of washing to be carried out.

It is recommended as your duvet at least twice a year. Only put it back on your bed when it is completely dry.

2. The different types of coverage

There are several types of coverage. Depending on their material, they offer different warmth indexes and comfort levels.

The nature of your blanket determines the level of comfort, breathability and warmth index it can provide.

A. Cotton blanket

It is of natural origin and offers better comfort of use to its user. It guarantees warmth and softness for pleasant nights.

Available in several colours, it is more respectful of the environment than synthetic models. The cotton blanket is available in several sizes to meet the needs of all sleepers.

The cotton blanket is especially suitable for summer nights. Its natural properties allow a perfect regulation of humidity. It is highly appreciated for its ease of use.

B. Wool Blanket

The wool blanket is recommended for winter seasons. It is especially cosy and gives a hot thickness. Easily washable and tumble-dried, wool duvets are easy to care for. Some are even dry cleanable. They are soft and very light. Their material absorbs moisture well and helps regulate body temperature. It allows restorative sleep.

C. Fleece Blanket

The fluffy fleece blanket is the most popular because it is cheap. It is easier to maintain because it is of synthetic origin. However, its use has several drawbacks.

This blanket can cause allergies and absorb little moisture (poor temperature regulation). Its constituents (fibres) come mainly from petroleum derivatives and need antibacterial chemical treatment.

D. Summer/winter coverage

The Sherpa soft grey blanket is perfect for hot and cold weather. Made in France and respecting European standards, it is made of down and feathers. Enjoy unparalleled comfort and softness yearly with a carbon impact reduced by 80%.

Available in stores and online, you can have it delivered directly to your home to take advantage of technology specially designed for your comfort.

3. Blanket or duvet?

The very soft summer/winter Sherpa duvet is perfect for hot and cold weather. Made in France and respecting European standards, it is made of down and feathers. Enjoy unparalleled comfort and softness yearly with a carbon impact reduced by 80%. It is delivered free of charge and at a price accessible to all.

The material and weight of this type of product are selection criteria that should influence your decision.

The amazing Sherpa duvet is perfectly suitable for all types of use. Available in several sizes, it offers all the qualities of high-end duvets. It is indeed hypoallergenic, soft and enveloping. It perfectly regulates body temperature thanks to its cotton percale design. The Tiber puffy duvet is lightweight and features Dacron microfiber flake technology, which makes up 50% of its filling. The flakes inflate with air and retain heat very well.

Hypoallergenic and antibacterial, it provides even swelling thanks to its checkered stitching. The flakes that make it up allow excellent air circulation. This Sherpa product allows you easy maintenance at 40°C in a washing machine. Its microfiber flakes dry fast enough for optimal use. You can rest easy with this protection because it is environmentally friendly throughout the production and life cycle of the product.

Pay special attention to the envelope to get the most out of your product. Its quality makes it possible to preserve the downs and synthetic fibres it contains. A minimum of 120 to 150 threads/cm² is necessary for a natural filling. For example, you can choose a percale envelope. In the case of a synthetic filling, opt for a minimum of 90 threads/cm². Note that the Sherpa duvet cover is edged with hand-sewn blue piping. Blanket or duvet, the choice is yours depending on the desired comfort and your budget.

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