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Frequently asked questions on major medical insurance.

What is a Major Medical Expenses policy?

It is a contract of mutual faith between an insurance company and the contracting party, where the first undertakes to cover the expenses incurred by the second in medical matters such as fees, doctors, and clinics, in order to restore health up to the limit of responsibility. economy agreed in the contract.

Why is it important to take out a Major Medical Expenses policy?

Because your health is the most valuable thing you have, we know that in any situation where it is affected, the last thing you should worry about is your economy, so having a Major Medical Expenses Insurance policy, you can have your provision of the best treatment with doctors, hospitals and the most modern equipment, in a personalized way without diminishing your economy.

What do I need to verify in my Major Medical Expenses Insurance policy?

  • Check that the personal information on your policy is correct; otherwise, contact your Insurance Agent to have it corrected. You have 30 calendar days to make changes.
  • Check that the policy has all its annexes, which mainly cover people who make it up, general conditions, medical tabulators, and claim forms. As well as identification cards.
  • Your policy and the documents that accompany it are very important, so keep them in a safe place and communicate it to your family.

What is recognition of seniority& what is NPI number

It is the time that the companies recognize you as an insured when you make the change from one to another; that is, they take the time from when you are insured in a Medical Expenses policy; the above is quite beneficial since recognizing such seniority, the company eliminates the waiting periods for certain illnesses.

What is the seniority recognition of other companies for?

When a company recognizes the seniority that you had in another, what you have obtained with this is the reduction or elimination of the waiting periods of some illnesses or diseases, with the purpose that the policy is operating in less time.

What do I need to be recognized by other companies?

 For the recognition of your seniority in a policy, you must present the documents that prove the time of uninterrupted coverage that you have had in another company. For example, it can be the previous policy, payment receipts, or a letter from the company acknowledging you from the effective date.

Can I claim an illness within 30 days after taking out the policy?

All medical expense policies during the first 30 days only cover your only accidents; you must take into account that some diseases have their evolution period, so they are not insured immediately; after this period has passed so you must ask your advisor what the waiting periods for each condition are.

Waiting periods for a Medical Expenses Policy :

It is the necessary time that must elapse between the beginning of the validity of a Medical Expenses Insurance policy and the beginning of the coverage of some diseases or illnesses, this is done by insurance companies to avoid pre-existing diseases.

Keep in mind that when you contract a medical expenses policy, in the first 30 days of its validity, diseases whose manifestations or first medical expenses for diagnosis or treatment occur during this period are not covered.

The other conditions or diseases, you must consult in the general conditions of the policy to identify them in each of the insurance companies depends on their internal policies of which you must be aware of how much time must elapse to be able to cover certain conditions.

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