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Gordon Ramsay Net Worth: How Rich is Chef ‘Hell’s Kitchen’?

Gordon Ramsay Net Worth: How Rich is Chef ‘Hell’s Kitchen’?

Even if you haven’t eaten at one of his restaurants or watched one of his shows, you probably know who Gordon Ramsay is.

He’s the guy who’s been known for yelling at his competitors on his various reality shows – right he’s pretty much earned because he’s been a rockstar chef for decades and doesn’t seem to be slowing down anytime soon.

Find out how Ramsay went from aspiring athlete to award-winning chef, his most successful ventures, and what he’s really worth.

Gordon Ramsay’s Career: Before Hell’s Kitchen

Gordon Ramsay in “Hell’s Kitchen” | Fox

Ramsay was an athlete from a young age but had to put his football career behind him after a serious injury prevented him from continuing to play at a professional level. Instead, he majored in hotel management and began working as an apprentice to professional chefs across Europe.

Everything changed when he won a Catey Award – basically an Oscar, but for professional chefs. He started to open and operate high-end restaurants, won another Catey award, and finally opened his first restaurant in America in 2006.

But his television career began in 1996 when he appeared as a judge on the BBC Master Cook. In 2004 (still in the UK) he released and hosted Ramsay’s Kitchen Nightmares and Hell’s Kitchen. The US version of Hell’s Kitchen premiered on Fox in 2005.

Gordon Ramsay shows and his most successful projects

The success of Hell’s Kitchen in the US eventually allowed Ramsay to bring his other UK-based shows to American audiences. Shows that are still on the air continue to receive high ratings on their home network, FOX.

He is currently the executive producer and star of ongoing reality shows such as 24 Hours Round-trip to Hell, Hell‘s KitchenMaster Cook, and MasterChef Junior.

Past reality shows include Hotel Hell and Kitchen Nightmares. He also produced shows like Best New Restaurant, which ran for one season.

24-Hour Round-trip to Hell challenges Ramsay to recover from a failing restaurant within 24 hours.

Master Chef and MasterChef Junior feature individuals who come from their own kitchens to compete for a prestigious title (and the stardom that comes with it). The latest show is an offshoot of the first, focusing on aspiring chefs who are still kids.


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