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Guide for trending Magento 2 Enterprise Edition Features

Magento is emerging as a popular choices for startups and enterprises willing to explore their potential in the eCommerce business. Magento 2 enterprise edition is a perfect solution for companies willing to build a multi-channel commerce experience. Enterprise edition brings future-proof technology for a flexible and scalable eCommerce store built using Magento. Hire Magento developer to make the best use of powerful tools that help to build, launch and manage your online store with confidence. The best thing about the Magento enterprise edition is that it allows you to host multiple instances with multiple products. It help you take the personalization to a whole new level. Today, we will explore how Magento 2 EE works and what role Magento website development services can play in its success.

Features to explore and use using Magento development services

  • Dynamic Marketing, Merchandising, and Search

Magento enterprise edition offers advanced content staging functionality to ensure a great user experience. It also brings in a custom user registration process with attributes to facilitate the segmentation of users and deliver a personalized experience to targeted users. 

You should hire Magento developer to use drag and drop rule-based merchandising and custom catalogs by consumer groups. It offers enhanced search features that enable users to conduct in-site and admin searches. The use of automated emails for wish lists and abandoned carts makes it an unexceptional choice for any eCommerce business.

  • Enhanced security for Payments

Secure payment is another feature that Magento 2 Enterprise edition offers to the eCommerce stores. It offers integrated payment solutions like Braintree, PayPal, Authorize.net, CyberSource, and WorldPay so that there are no conflicts and integration issues for using these payment gateways. 

You can use the third-party integrations to get these payment solutions on even the community version, but there are a lot of instances where store owners face problems with the efficient functioning of these integrations. It also makes the task of your Magento development services easier therefore giving better results.

  • Full Page Caching

Enterprise Edition of Magento 2 is meant to eradicate the limits for the growth of your store. The full-page caching functionality enables your store to display the HTML cached data stored in the buffer area so that the store doesn’t require to fetch the data from the server each time a user visits the store. It is one of the most revolutionary things for the store owners struggling with higher load time. Experts consider it one of the plus points for Magento EE stores as it helps prevent downtime during high traffic flow on your stores.

  • Easy Checkout Process

A highly customizable interface allows the Magento EE platform to place orders and complete checkout in the most user-friendly manner. As per reports, the platform is not up to 50% faster than ordinary Magento platforms with fewer steps for checkout. 

I would suggest going through your needs before choosing Enterprise Edition for eCommerce business because smaller businesses don’t require the enhanced features and functionalities offered by Magento Enterprise Edition. Hiring Magento website development services helps you build a well-designed, responsive and secure website, thus scaling your eCommerce business.

  • Targeted content and visual merchandising

You can use the Banner rotator widget to place specific content to each segment on any page of your eCommerce store. It helps you personalize the customer journey because it show him targeted banners to motivate him to complete the purchase. 

You can control the product positioning by using an intuitive drag-and-drop user interface and sorting options to determine product position. The decision to hire Magento developer can help you make the best use of the smart categories to listen and respond to the product criteria defined by the user.

  • In-Context Content Rendering and content templates

The Magento Enterprise Edition enables you to render the blocks and pages directly in editing space. thus you will have a clear and real-time view of what Magento website development services are creating. You will also observe how users will see the features of your store.

Any content created by you is saved in re-usable templates. It enables you to re-create common or new content based on existing designs or layouts in the most convenient manner.

  • Extensive Management Tools and Admin Actions Logging

Magento 2 EE offers a wide range of management tools to facilitate the easy management of your online shop. The platform facilitates more granular permissions for multiple user roles and action logging. It makes the tracking of specific actions by specific users more convenient than ever before. The RMA features allow you more flexibility for controlling return processes. It also enable you configure reasons or resolutions for the issue.


So these were some of the outstanding features that you can use by hiring good Magento website development services. Always hire Magento developers from a reputed agency. They can help you understand and overcome all ins- and outs of the Magento enterprise edition platform for profitable results.

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