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Honda HR-V is expected to be available for pre-sale in May at the earliest

Honda’s newest crossover, the third-generation HR-V, was officially launched in Japan on February 18, 2021. This vehicle continues the MM concept of minimizing mechanical space and maximizing interior space, bringing spaciousness and functionality. Of course, such a crossover SUV, in Taiwan has long had many fans knocking bowl, hoping that Honda Taiwan can be introduced to the sale as soon as possible.
A few days ago, a friend posted a message about the new overhauled HR-V in a Facebook club, which aroused concern. The article said that the Honda HR-V, which is expected to start receiving orders in April this year, will be divided into S and RS versions in the future, but both models use 1.5-liter natural gas engines, which also means that the first wave of imported models may not have the e:HEV hybrid option.

The 1.5-liter natural-intake engine is supposed to be the same as the L15Z Earth Dream engine in the Honda Fit. In the Fit, this power unit uses a double camshaft setting and can produce 121 horsepower and 14.8 kilograms of torque, which means that the new HR-V will have at least this level of power output.

However, buyers who usually buy an SUV may need to carry more people or cargo, and this natural air intake may face another test when faced with heavy loads. This may require tuning the engine output or transmission settings to bring about the power performance that consumers expect.

Honda Sensing is also expected to be presented in its entirety this time, including the full speed range following assistance system and other equipment may also be seen.
In addition, Honda Sensing is also expected to present the ADAS system, which is very important to consumers nowadays, and there is a chance to see the equipment including full speed range following assistance system.

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