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Honda’s 2023 new car plan revealed: Bunches of electric cars Reveals!

Few people have heard of Honda, right? With the letter H as its logo, the company has become a household name thanks to its founder, Soichiro Honda. After Henry Ford, the founder of the American car brand Ford, Soichiro was the second automotive engineer in the world to be awarded the Holly Medal by the American Society of Mechanical Engineers. So his contribution to the automotive industry is not to be taken lightly.

Recently, overseas media has revealed Honda’s new car plan for Honda 2023. From the information so far, Honda will launch nine models into the European market, most of which will be purely electric, as a way to meet its commitment to electrify its major models in Europe by the end of 2022.

Based on this planned new model, the hybrid Civic is undoubtedly the model with the most highlights, as consumers in Europe will be the first to experience the car compared to the domestic market. As it is only undergoing a power change, the hybrid version does not change much from the fuel version in terms of appearance. The new car is equipped with a 2.0L Atkinson cycle engine + drive motor, with a combined power of 184Ps and 315N-m of peak torque for a complete hybrid system, with a thermal efficiency of up to 41%, the same powertrain found in the hybrid CR-V.

Since it is a very mature powertrain, there is no need to worry about whether it is reliable to use. If it comes to driving pleasure, it’s definitely the current 1.5T high-powered Civic, but when considering smoothness and fuel economy, it’s definitely the hybrid Civic that has the clear advantage. And the more businesslike and domestic look of the current generation of Honda Civic also makes the addition of the hybrid a no-brainer.

In line with the European market launch process for new cars, the hybrid Civic will be launched alongside the fuel version.

In addition to the hybrid Civic, Honda is also revealing a new electrified SUV for the European market, which will compete with the Peugeot e2008 and Audi Q2L e-tron, among other small pure electric SUVs.

It is worth noting that Honda will also be developing a new pure electric crossover SUV called the e:Ny1 Prototype. e:Ny1 Prototype should come from the same platform as the domestic Dongfeng Honda e:NS1, both in terms of product design and some details. In the near future, Honda will also launch a new mid-size SUV based on the CR-V, also powered by the e:HEV.


As we enter 2022, Honda is clearly starting to accelerate its own electrification, with two new electric SUVs being released in China right away and numerous electric models in the European market waiting to be launched.

On the one hand Honda is making such big moves in preparation for achieving carbon neutrality in 2050, while on the other hand fellow Japanese car manufacturer Toyota is also starting to make a big push into the new energy market.

However, Honda’s biggest concern is that it has entered the new energy market too late, and that its new electric car will be able to make a difference to other brands in terms of product power.

Of course, Honda, as a “technician”, should have its own methods and technologies to deal with these problems.

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