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How Do You Motivate Lazy Child in School?

Children often look lazy or disinterested, and it is due to the lack of motivation. It reflects in their social behaviour and poor grades, and if not treated on time, it follows them through their adulthood. The challenging part is that children at the preschool level cannot express their laziness or lack of motivation, and parents have to identify it through their behavioural patterns. Most parents with children going to an Ahmedabad preschool complain of their child not feeling happy about going to school or getting cranky after school hours. There can be multiple reasons for it, including academic pressure, adjustment issues, and the environment at school.

Every international public school with the latest teaching methodologies tries its best to keep the children motivated. But it requires continuous efforts from the parents’ side also to see expected results. If you are also a parent to preschool children, the tips listed below will help you!

Tips for Motivate Lazy Child in School

Take Interest

As a parent, your involvement in your child’s life is crucial. Be an active participant in their academics and activities that interest them. Help them with homework, play games with them, and answer all their questions. Identify things they do with full vigour and try to be a part of it. The idea of parents taking interest works best to motivate children as it fills them up with excitement.

Reward and Appreciation

It is vital to let children know that you respect their hard work, and for that, rewards and appreciation can help. Celebrate their achievements, and let them know that they are doing great! Moreover, you should guide and make it easier for them to deal with failures. Tell them it is a part of the game, and it is okay not to be good at something. Counsel them by sharing different stories so that the fear of failure never restricts them from trying new things.

Let them make decisions

Let your child take control of his life and make small decisions for themselves. Allow them to choose the sports they want to play, the kind of activities they want to indulge in, and the subjects they want to study. Every international public school gives plenty of options to children; you only have to make sure that you allow your child to make a few decisions. Then, even if they fail, they will get experience and learn new things. Stopping children from making decisions is like killing their motivation and confidence levels.

No Motivational talk

Actions and efforts are much better than motivational talks. Mere words can not bring any change, and they will never fill your child with motivation, despite your intentions. Instead of this, you should focus on discussions and healthy conversations. Ask them how their day at school went and guide them wherever required. Make them believe that they can share anything and everything with you without any fear of getting scolded or punished.

Highlight their strengths

Motivation and confidence come from things that children can do best. Thus, parents need to give another productive perspective to their children. Divert their attention towards their skills and expertise, and explain that it is okay if they cannot excel at something else. It is the strategy that every Ahmedabad preschool follows to keep children motivated and excited to do well at school and be actively involved in every activity carried out there.

These simple tips can help parents motivate their lazy kids to do well in their studies. Understand that behavioural change in a child is only possible with the collaborative effort of parents and educators. Thus, make teachers your ally and get additional insight into why your child feels lazy or demotivated. Moreover, teachers can also give special attention to your child, helping them overcome their lack of motivation.

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