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How Does the Ahmedabad International School Inculcate Moral Values in its Students?

Moral values are essential in our everyday life. They help us make the right decisions, understand the difference between right and wrong, and stay honest with ourselves. Values inculcated in childhood stay with us all our lives and help us be better human beings. Inculcating moral values begins right from childhood, even before a child enters school-going age. Schools, too, begin inculcating moral values in children right from preschool.

There are different ways in which the Ahmedabad international school helps instill the right values in students. Compassion, kindness, cooperation, gratitude, empathy, respect, sharing, and humility are the moral values inculcated in students through various activities and events conducted by the CBSE school in Ahmedabad. 

Here’s how teachers inculcate these important values in their students.


An important moral value for kindergarteners is sharing. Little children aren’t used to sharing their toys with others as they either have older siblings or no siblings to share with. But once they enter kindergarten, they are amidst other children with whom they are expected to share and cooperate.  Teachers use stories and poems to teach children the importance of sharing things with their classmates. They also encourage children to share their belongings, such as books, clothes, and food with those in need.


Teachers at the Ahmedabad international school teach the importance of compassion, or feeling love for others, through class activities. Caring for others, helping out during their time of need are inculcated through everyday experiences, such as helping a child who might be shy and quiet, or who might be unwell. Sitting with them, talking to them, or inviting them to play helps children learn the importance of being compassionate towards others. It also gives them a feeling of happiness and positivity.


As children grow, they learn how to respect others and their differences. CBSE schools in Ahmedabad have students coming from diverse backgrounds. This gives children an opportunity to get to know different cultures and learn to respect those cultures. It also teaches them to respect others’ thoughts and opinions and work in cooperation.


Children learn about honesty while participating in extracurricular activities that are regularly conducted at the Ahmedabad international school. Being true to one’s teammates, teachers, and oneself is learned during these activities, which are often group activities. Here, students’ honesty is tested during sports, where winning is of utmost importance to them. Accepting defeat or accepting one’s shortcomings during such activities instills in students the importance of being truthful and honest.


An important value in today’s world, equality teaches students to treat everybody with respect and kindness, irrespective of their social and religious differences. Equality leads to comradeship and brotherhood. And, this value is best inculcated through the various community care programs conducted by the CBSE schools in Ahmedabad. 


Moral values are an important part of education. They help students distinguish between good and bad and how they must always walk on the path of goodness. Schools instill the right values in their students through activities and events, which also helps in their personality development. Inculcating the right values benefits the students who go on to make the world a better place.

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