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How much does a soccer player earn in Chile?

Millions and millions of dollars surround football. The most sought-after soccer players on the planet participate in advertising and marketing campaigns, and their image weighs heavily when signing up for a so-called big team. That gives them the possibility of living in a fantasy world, full of luxuries and questions impossible to imagine, but: How much does a soccer player earn in Chile?

According to what was reported in the third ANFP Financial Yearbook , in the section on footballer salaries in Chile, in 2019 a First Division goalkeeper received an average of 6.1 million pesos per month. While a defender or midfielder in the same category received 5.9 million. The ones who earn the most are the forwards, who on average received a figure that amounts to 7 million pesos.

And the Primera B footballers?

How much does a soccer player earn in Chile if he plays in Primera B? In the second category of Chilean soccer the situation is notoriously lower. According to information from the Financial Yearbook, the average salary of soccer players was 1.9 million, while the average salary of Second Division players was 500 thousand pesos.

Where do the players come from?

In the same ANFP report, it was highlighted that of the total number of contracted players, 1,022 are Chilean and whose cost per year is 26,605 million. Thus, it was also pointed out that the 146 Argentine players received an average of 9,947 million. That is, they get 2.3 times more than a Chilean. The other 91 players split $4.762 million.

How much did team rosters cost in 2019?

According to the same report, and released by La Tercera media, the value of payroll paid during 2019, which includes players and coaching staff, was led by Universidad de Chile who paid $552 million monthly. Colo Colo followed, who paid $465 million, while the three-time Chilean soccer champion, Universidad Católica, paid $382 million every 30 days for this concept. Universidad de Concepción ($215 million), O’Higgins ($189 million), Palestino ($160 million), Unión Española ($155 million), Curicó Unido ($150 million), Everton ($148 million), Huachipato ($145 million), Unión La Calera ($142 million), Cobresal ($132 million), Deportes Iquique ($125 million), Audax Italiano ($117 million), Deportes Antofagasta ($116 million), and Coquimbo ($109 million).

As for the technical bodies, the various teams disbursed $8,271 million, among 329 professionals. 73% were Chilean and 23% Argentine.

In the distribution of ordinary income, TNT Sports (formerly CDF) continues to be the great contributor that all the teams have today. In the First Division it represents 40 percent of the clubs’ income. The rest is divided into the commercial area (20%), transfers (18%), tickets (13%) and others (11%). In Primera B, for its part, the CDF contributed 67%, while the commercial area (11%), transfers (8%), tickets (11%) and others (3%).

Which team brought more fans to the stadium?

Colo Colo was the team that brought more fans to the stadium. In total, 323,623 spectators entered the Monumental Stadium. It is followed by the University of Chile with 314,432 fans and the Catholic University with 112,114 fans.

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