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How much money did Pablo Escobar have?

Escobar, known as the “King of Cocaine,” saw his wealth grow so immense that he hid mounds of cash in Colombian farm fields, dilapidated warehouses and in the walls of the houses of cartel members, he says. Roberto Escobar, the central bookkeeper of the cartel and sibling of the capo, in his book “The Accountant’s Story: Inside the Violent World of the Medellin Cartel. ” “Pablo acquired such a lot of that consistently we discounted 10% of the cash since rodents ate it in the distribution center or it was harmed by water or lost,” Escobar composed. That would be about $2.1 billion, considering how much cash he apparently made. Escobar basically had more cash than he knew how to make, and in this way haphazardly losing cash to rodents and form was not an issue.

In a 2009 meeting with Don Juan magazine, Escobar’s just child, Juan Pablo Escobar – who has since changed his name to Sebastián Marroquín – guaranteed that his dad once consumed $2 million in banknotes seat to keep his family warm while they escaped. While stowing away or obliterating the over the top measure of cash was one issue, the siblings confronted a significantly more fundamental issue: putting together the bills perfectly. As per Roberto Escobar, the cartel spent about $2,500 a month on elastic groups expected to keep them intact the piles of bills. At the level of its power, Pablo Escobar’s cartel provided 80% of the world’s cocaine and pirated 15 tons of cocaine daily into the United States.

Pablo Escobar level of intelligence

Pablo Escobar is the most extravagant criminal ever, as at the hour of his passing he had gathered a total assets assessed at 30,000 million bucks, which is identical to 64,000 million bucks in 2021, while his medication cartel cornered the cocaine exchange the United States during the 1980s and mid-1990s.

In 1976, Escobar established the Medellín Cartel, which conveyed powdered cocaine and laid out the initial carrying courses into the United States. Escobar’s penetration of the United States encouraged a dramatic interest for cocaine, and by the 1980s, it is assessed that Escobar was coordinating month to month shipments of 70 to 80 tons of cocaine into the country from Colombia. Subsequently, he immediately became perhaps of the most extravagant individual on the planet, however continually battled rival cartels at home and abroad, prompting slaughters and deaths of cops, judges, local people, and conspicuous legislators transforming Colombia into the homicide capital of the world.

Sins of my father

Home find Escobar’s Millions about the Show Infamous drug lord Pablo Escobar, once the most wanted man on the planet, buried vast amounts of his estimated $50 billion fortune throughout Colombia, and most of that money was never found has recovered. Now, two former CIA agents, with the experience and training gained from 10 years working abroad, team up with the original DEA agents to search for the money. After following several leads and ruling out many locations, the elite team believes they have the most promising leads to date. With new contacts between Escobar’s former henchmen and new information, they continue their epic mission: to pay back the money to the Colombian people and government.

How much was Pablo Escobar’s fortune?

After his death in 1993 at the hands of the Search Bloc that was persecuting him, there have been many estimates of the fortune he left behind, although his criminal raid and loss of control of drug trafficking routes during his period of decline, led him to lose a lot of money. In 1987, Forbes magazine ranked the drug lord among the richest men on the continent with an estimate of $3.5 billion. The news was a slap in the face for Colombia that year, as the country was mired in violence from the drug kingpin’s war.

However, in the books written by Escobar’s wife, Victoria Henao, and the one published by his son, Juan Pablo, the figures differ greatly from those values ​​mentioned by Forbes. After his death, the former partners of the drug lord disputed control and given the inability of his family to do anything, since they were never involved in the crime, the money they had to give to the gangsters was US$120 million, which Escobar had left cash.



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