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How to Buy a Laptop on EMI with a Debit Card?

Many people want to buy a laptop on EMI but do not want to take a loan or use a credit card. For such individuals, it’s possible to buy laptops at EMI with debit cards. They can instantly shop for their favourite laptop brand online and pay its price in easy EMIs spread across several months. The best thing is that they do not need a credit card or take a loan for such a purchase. They may buy their laptop using their debit card without paying the price upfront. Let us see how it works!

Steps to Buy a Laptop on EMI

Looking to buy a laptop on EMI? These are the steps to follow:

  • Visiting the Website and Selecting the Laptop

The buyer needs to visit the website that allows buying laptops on EMIs. It’s time to browse through the different laptop brands available in the store, select the desired laptop model, and open its description. They must check its specifications, read its online reviews, and ensure that it is the best choice in terms of quality and budget.

  • Checking the Payment Options

After opening the product description, they must click on the ‘Buy Now’ button and ensure that it has the EMI option available in the description. The buyer has to select the debit card option and add the card they want to make the payment with. 

Even though they use a debit card to pay the laptop’s price, the amount is not deducted from their bank account. Instead, a fintech company funds the price upfront and distributes its cost in EMIs. Many companies offer no-cost EMIs, which means that buyer does not need to pay anything extra other than the laptop’s actual cost. However, the down payment and processing charges will apply.

  • Uploading the Necessary Documents

Not all debit cards are eligible for a laptop purchase on EMI. The cardholder must fulfil the fintech company’s eligibility conditions and documentation requirements to proceed. They must scan and upload the necessary documents to prove their identity, residence, and income. These documents include the buyer’s Aadhaar card, PAN card, bank statements, passport, voter ID, salary slips, etc. Eligible candidates get instant approval and may move further in the process. 

  • Selecting the Preferred EMI Plan

The buyer can see different EMI plans with varying EMI amounts and repayment terms if eligible. It’s crucial to select the right EMI plan according to the buyer’s repayment capacity and budget. There might be certain conditions applicable to the no-cost EMI option, which the buyer must check before purchasing.

  • Placing the Order

After filling in the required information, providing the card details, and selecting the EMI plan, the buyer can enter their delivery address to place the order. Once they receive the laptop at their doorstep, the time starts to pay the EMIs using the debit card.

Buying laptops at EMI is an amazingly fast and budget-friendly way to make a laptop purchase. The buyers do not need to pay the entire cost upfront. They do not need to take a loan or use a credit card either. The option allows buyers to use the power of their debit card to buy their desired laptop on EMIs.

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