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How to Claim ACA Car Insurance

How to Claim ACA Car Insurance

ACA insurance also covers various risks, ranging from partial loss, and heavy loss, to vehicle loss. Here is the procedure for the claim.

  1. Make a claim online through the official website at and immediately report it to ACA Insurance Customer Service by telephone (021) 319 99100 a maximum of 72 hours after the incident so that the claim can be processed immediately
  2. Prepare documents related to reporting, such as SIM, original STNK, insurance policy, ID card, original BPKB, STPL or Letter of Receipt of Reports, BAL LAPJU or Minutes of Examination of Progress Reports, Kaditserse Letters, vehicle keys, and so on
  3. If the claim submission is accepted, the insurance company will issue an SPK or Work Order at the partner workshop to repair your car damage
  4. How to Claim Sinarmas Car Insurance

You can make a Sinarmas vehicle insurance claim easily, either by telephone or online provided you need to report it no later than 5 (five) days after the incident. Some of the ways are as follows.

  1. Call Sinarmas Customer Care, or
  2. Send mail, or
  3. Register through the website on the customer service menu – claim registration, or
  4. Visit the nearest Sinar Mas Insurance Branch Office
  5. For filing an accident claim (partial loss): the surveyor will conduct a vehicle survey at the nearest Sinar Mas Insurance branch office or the insured’s home or office, the customer includes complete documents (filled claim form, vehicle registration, driver’s license, original ID card, claim form with the stamp of a special policy company with the name of the company, a Letter of Receipt of Reports from the local Police (STPL) specifically for vehicles that are seriously damaged/lost vehicle spare parts/scratches due to the actions of others), after which the insurance company will issue a Work Order (SPK) ) so that the vehicle can be immediately repaired at the workshop.
  6. To submit a CTLO (Constructive Total Loss) claim or the vehicle is seriously damaged: you need to complete the original BPKB document, original STNK, original STNK Blocking Letter, original and spare vehicle keys, KIR book (for pick up-type vehicles), 2 blank receipts which have been signed by the insured (one of which is stamped), the original invoice, a statement of Subrogation which has been signed on stamp duty, and a letter of waiver of rights (if a/n is a company or legal entity)
  7. For filing a claim for the lost vehicle (stolen): customers need to prepare complete documents, such as a filled claim form, original STNK, Confiscation Letter from the police (especially for confiscated STNK), original and spare vehicle keys, original ID card (if the name is confiscated). the reporting party contained in the claim form is not the name of the insured, the claim form is stamped with the company (especially the insurance policy on behalf of the company), the Report Receipt Certificate (STPL) from the local police office, the original BPKB, the original invoice, the original STNK Blocking Letter, and the Lost Certificate original from Polda
  8. How to Claim Horizon Protection Car Insurance

To make a vehicle insurance claim at this insurance company, you are required to report the initial claim no later than 3 x 24 hours after the incident. The method is as follows.

  1. Call the 24H Hotline Claim, or
  2. Visit the nearest ACPI branch office, or
  3. Submit a Digital ACP Claim through the official website for motor vehicle claim services, or
  4. Directly download the CakrawalaProteksiOnline application for mobile phone users with the Android system
  5. Immediately take the vehicle to the Cakrawala Proteksi Indonesia Insurance Office or Service Point for immediate inspection by the survey officer for damage to the vehicle submitted as a claim
  6. Fill in the claim form completely and clearly and submit it back to the survey officer by attaching supporting documents for the claim
  7. After the requirements are met, the survey officer will direct you to the partner workshop to make repairs
  8. For digital claims, fill in the claim report along with upload photos of the required documents furthermore, the insurance staff will contact you again with details regarding the survey schedule
  9. For completeness of supporting documents for partial loss claims, lost vehicle claims, and seriously damaged claims.

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