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How to get a quote from Progressive?

Discounts offered by Progressive insurance

Like many car insurance companies, Progressive offers its clients a series of discounts that, depending on each particular situation, can be very attractive . In addition, the company also has its famous Snapshot program , which although it is not a discount in itself, many benefits and offers can be obtained by participating in it.

Discount You get it if…

Request a quote online You start the quote process online and then purchase insurance over the phone .

safe drivers You spend three years without getting tickets or accidents .

multi car You insure multiple vehicles with Progressive.

property owner You own real estate , such as a house.

continuous insurance You maintain coverage without GAPs or cancellations . This discount is valid even if you were a client of another car insurance.

Online document signing You sign insurance documents online when purchasing a policy .

payment in full You pay the full cost of your policy up front instead of monthly.

Automatic bill payment You set up automatic recurring payments for your Progressive bills.

Good student You include a student on your policy who maintains a “B” average or better . Plus, you can receive an additional discount if you include a college student.

Teen Driver Discount You add a minor under 18 years of age to your policy .

Combination of car and property You combine auto insurance and home insurance.


Snapshot, one of Progressive’s best-selling products, is a device (and now a mobile app) that monitors driving habits in order to unlock a discount on car insurance . You can enroll in the program when you purchase a policy, or any time afterward.

To use Snapshot, all you have to do is plug the device into your car’s diagnostic port or download the mobile app to your phone. Progressive insurance will then analyze data on mileage, braking habits, and the hours you typically drive .

In this sense, people who exhibit safe habits will receive discounts on their premiums . However, these can also be increased if Snapshot indicates that you are a “risky” driver. In fact, the auto insurer has claimed that 2 out of 10 drivers receive an increase in their premiums instead of a discount .

Now, let’s talk about amounts. First of all, just for registering you will get an automatic discount of about 25 dollars . And after completing the program (which usually lasts six months), if all goes well, you’ll get another discount that averages $130 .

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How to make a claim with Progressive?

You can make a claim through the mobile app, online at the company’s website, or by calling 800-776-4737 . Progressive will put you in touch with a claims representative to help you through the process.

They will also connect you with an estimator, who will inspect the vehicle and draw up an estimate. In the end, you will have to decide if you want the company to handle the repairs or if you prefer direct payment.

In the event that you choose the repairs, the representative will be in charge of contacting the workshop and making all the necessary arrangements. If you use the services of a Progressive-approved in-network shop, repairs are guaranteed for as long as you own or lease your vehicle .

Progressive Cancellation Policy

You can cancel your policy at any time without paying a cancellation fee, but you must do so over the phone by calling 800-776-4737 . To learn more about how to cancel car insurance, read our article “ How to cancel my car insurance early in the United States? ” .

How to get a quote from Progressive?

You can get a quote from Progressive online, by phone, or through an agent. Now, to do this, you must provide information such as your driver’s license , US social security number , vehicle information number (VIN), date of birth, and contact information .

How is the quality of Progressive Insurance Customer Service?

Progressive Insurance has customer service available online, by phone, and through insurance agents. In addition, their customer service team is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week, via secure email or by phone. To get in touch with a representative in Spanish, call 1-800-734-8767.

Progressive has a live chat platform that you can use to speak with a representative. It also has a mobile app for iOS and Android devices that you can use to view policy details, make payments, view ID cards, report a claim, and get roadside assistance .

Now, let’s see the negative points. Progressive doesn’t have the best customer satisfaction score. In fact, it was ranked 16th out of 23 in JD Power’s “Auto Claims Satisfaction” study .

However, Progressive Auto Insurance has an A+ (Superior) rating from AM Best , the credit bureau focused on the insurance industry. A rating like this indicates that a company can meet its policy and contractual obligations.

Progressive Insurance: Is it worth it?

Progressive has been in business since 1937, and today it’s one of the options to consider if you’re looking to insure a car. According to the National Association of Insurance Commissioners , Progressive Insurance wrote more than $32 billion in premiums in 2020 . It is the third largest auto provider in the country (behind State Farm and Geico Seguros ) with 13.3% of the market share.

In 1956, Progressive began to focus its business model on high-risk drivers and became an affordable option for many with a history of driving accidents and tickets. The insurer also stands out for its commitment to technology. In this sense, it was the first company of its size in the sector to have a website and allow consumers to purchase policies online.

Now, compared to other auto insurance, Progressive’s rates tend to be average or slightly more expensive. But, you may be able to find more affordable coverage depending on your location. In some cases, such as people with a history of car accidents, Progressive may represent a more affordable option than other companies . As for Progressive’s customer service, it’s not exceptional, and you can even expect some inconvenience, like long wait times and a lot of back and forth before they pay a claim.

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