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How To Help Your High School Kid Limit Their Screen Time?

The new generation is completely dependent upon smart devices. And looking at the various advantages people are experiencing due to new and improved tech devices, there is nothing wrong in saying that screens are here to stay, maybe forever!

But, there are various downsides to using tech devices, too. For instance, sleep deprivation, depression and even obesity. And kids being digital natives, it is certainly hard to keep them away from smart devices. 

Thankfully, as a parent, you can pull various tricks on your high school kid to help him/her understand the healthy way of using technology.

Ways to curb screen time for high school kids

1- Ask him/her to handover or switch off the screen during bedtime

It is best to ask your kid to hand over or switch off the screen before bedtime. This is because engaging in smartphones right before bed can hinder the set bedtime and sleep cycles. Your kid will stay away from getting the much-required daily sleep. 

By gathering the mobile devices an hour before bedtime, you can give him/her a chance to disconnect from the virtual world and relax.

2- Encourage your high school kid to use tech devices productively

There is something as productive as screen time, too. For instance, your kid studying at a private school in Kuala Lumpur might use a mobile device to access digital study material, video chat with friends or grandparents, attend classes, etc.

If the use of the mobile device is for your kid’s development and productivity, focus on managing this extra screen time. For instance, you can set a time for each activity.

3- Let your kid studying at a private school in Kuala Lumpur earn screen time

If you have a reward system in place, then you can add “earn screen time by doing certain activities like chores, homework, etc.,” in the rewards to help your kid earn the screen time. 

This way, you can motivate your kid to do chores or complete homework from a private school in Kuala Lumpur on time. You can even offer bonus points if your kid uses the earned screen time productively. 

4- Help your kid make real-life friends, too

It is important to help kids understand that there is a world outside the virtual world, too. Help them make friends outside social media. 

You can work with other parents of students studying at a private school in Kuala Lumpur and arrange playdates. You can arrange activities to help kids bond with each other. 

5- Teach your kid by being an example

Kids have a habit of learning by seeing others. They choose their role models quite easily. So, it is time to be a role model for your kid by practising what you preach. 

If you want your kid to limit his/her screen time, make sure that you do the same, too. If you want him/her to give away mobile phones at night, make sure you put your phone away from you, too. 

Use the time away from phones to interact and spend quality time with friends and family.

To be concluded

Make sure that you enforce the above-mentioned tricks on your high school kid without being forceful. Because we all know that kids take a greater interest in things they are asked to be away from.


So, be subtle and help your kid understand the potential downsides associated. Trust us, he/she will comprehend your concerns, too!

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