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How to know if a person has death insurance?

How to know if a person has death insurance?

How to know if a person has death insurance? It may happen that, when there is a death, their relatives are unaware or are not sure if the person in question had funeral insurance. In this case, you will wonder how to know if a person has death insurance and, therefore, know if they have the right to receive the coverage guaranteed by it.

In the event of not knowing whether or not a person has contracted death insurance, the way to find out is by consulting the so-called Registry of Death Coverage Insurance Contracts.

How does the Registry of Death Coverage Insurance Contracts work?

The Registry of Death Coverage Insurance Contracts is a public and free registry dependent on the Ministry of Justice. Its purpose is to provide the necessary information so that interested parties can find out as soon as possible:

  • If a deceased person had contracted and valid insurance in the event of death.
  • The insurance company with which the insurance was subscribed.

The data contained in this registry will be valid for five years, counting the death of a family member or close friend. However, they can be canceled before this period has elapsed if the insurance company informs the registry that the contracted coverage has already been paid.

Ways of accessing the Registry of Death Coverage Insurance Contracts

The Registry of Death Coverage Insurance Contracts can be accessed by any interested person, as long as the policyholder has already died. However, in order to make the pertinent query in this registry, you must wait until 15 days have elapsed since the death occurred.

You have three options to access the Registry of Death Coverage Insurance Contracts and in this way find out if a person had subscribed to death insurance. These three forms of access are as follows:

  • Via telematics. In this case, the query would be made through the web page where the electronic headquarters of the Ministry of Justice is located. You will need to have an electronic signature for this.
  • Face-to-face route This route requires first filling in the so-called 790 forms. You can also get it on the website of the Ministry of Justice or in one of its Territorial Management Offices. This model, together with a literal death certificate of the deceased person, must be presented at the Central Office for Citizen Services or at a Territorial Office of the Ministry of Justice. Within a maximum period of seven days, the registry must issue you a certificate indicating whether the deceased had a valid insurance contract and with which company, as well as the number of the contracted policy and a breakdown of the guaranteed coverage in her de la.
  • By mail. You can also request the certificate by post by sending your letter to the General Registry of Last Will and Testament Acts of the Ministry of Justice, at the following address: Plaza Jacinto Benavente, 3 – 28012 Madrid. In this case, you will also receive the certificate by post at the address you indicate in the “Identification” section of form 790.

Why is it important to know if a deceased had death insurance?

Knowing whether or not a deceased had contracted funeral insurance is essential for their closest relatives since they are the ones who, in the absence of said insurance, must bear the costs of the burial. In this sense, knowing if the deceased relative had death insurance is essential to start up the contracted coverage and for the insurer to take care of the expenses associated with the death, within the limits established in the policy.

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