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How to know the battery status of your AirPods

AirPods have been one of the star gifts this Christmas. I myself have recommended them to a friend who uses Android, but AirPods are the best true-wireless headphones out there.

And with so many new AirPods, it’s worth remembering a couple of things about their operation, specifically, how to know how much battery we have left, both in the box and in each of the headphones.

The AirPods are specially designed to be used together with our iPhone, and the first way to know the charge of the three batteries is to open the AirPods box (without removing them) and bring it closer to our iPhone. An animation will appear in which we will see the loading of everything.

Another way to know the status of the battery is by sliding from the locked screen or from the home screen to go to the widgets, where we can add, if we don’t already have it, the “Battery” one.

We can only know the exact charge of the battery in the box if there is at least one of the headphones inside and we open the box. If not, the box does not have a Bluetooth connection and will not tell us the percentage.

Even so, when there are none of the headphones inside, the LED will light up green if there is at least one full charge left for the AirPods. If there are earphones inside, the LED will show the charge of the earphones.

Also, if the AirPods have the same charge, we will see the joint charge of both at the same time. While if one has less charge than the other, we will see the two headphones separately.

To know the charging status from the AirPods themselves, we can ask Siri (if we have Siri configured on the AirPods) or Siri from the iPhone itself.

We can also know the status of the AirPods battery from the Mac. We must connect the AirPods to the Mac and from the Bluetooth menu in System Preferences or from the Bluetooth icon in the menu bar if we have it, we can see the charge. In the latter, we can see the exact load percentage of everything.

Finally, we can see the percentage of battery of the AirPods both from the Apple TV and from the Apple Watch.

On the Apple Watch, we must remove the control center and click on the battery icon (the one with the Apple Watch battery percentage).

To see the AirPods battery on Apple TV, we can ask Siri from the Siri Remote.

Check AirPods battery status on Mac

Most likely, we use AirPods connected almost always to an iPhone or iPad, but the headphones are also compatible with Mac.

In Apple computers we can also see the battery level and the steps to do so are as follows:

  • We click on the Bluetooth or volume button in the menu bar.
  • In the My Devices section we select it to display a new menu with the information of the headphones where the battery charge status appears.

That’s all, by following these steps we can see the charge level of the Apple AirPods battery and know at all times whether or not it is necessary to charge it so as not to run out of autonomy at the worst time.


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