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How to know your car insurance policy number?

How to know your car insurance policy number?

Where you can find this information depends on your insurance company. A license or card is delivered with all the documentation that comes with signing the policy, a kind of car insurance accreditation. This should be carried in the vehicle with the rest of the documents that certify the car’s ownership, the registration certificate, etc.

If not, because it is not the modus operandi of your company, you can always find it at:

  • The insurance contract and its particular conditions: although we tend to eliminate paper year after year, the contract you sign with your company will always contain your policy number, even if you only have it in digital format. You will find this alphanumeric code in your paper copy of the contract, or on the company’s platform, by entering your user data to access the policies of all the insurance you have contracted. Remember that the policy number is an identification code for the insurer, as is our ID for the authorities. You will always find it together with your contact and personal data.
  • The company’s mobile or web application for its clients: if your insurer is already immersed in the digital world, indeed, you have an application for your mobile device or at least a web platform to access it from a computer, and that, by entering your insured profile, you will be able to see and manage all the products you have contracted. This way, you will easily find the number of your policy, which will be reflected in a visible place.
  • In the customer service of your insurer: if you are one of those who still prefer to use the phone to call, by dialing the customer service number of your company and providing the personal data requested, they will quickly give you your policy number.
  • On the bank receipt: if you receive correspondence from your bank by regular mail, you will also find the policy number on the receipt they send you corresponding to the payment of your car insurance premium. You will not see it in the summary list of charges, which is the first thing that appears when we consult the bank’s website or application. Still, if you can open each account and see its details, the receipt is usually displayed in digital format, and you will also find the number you are looking for.

The numbers of our insurance policies often seem hidden from our eyes, but as soon as they tell us where to look, they jump between the words with a clarity that ink seems like neon. 

Now that it is no longer necessary to carry all the vehicle documentation in the car, you will be interested in how to know your car insurance policy number because, at any time, we may have an unforeseen event on the road for which we need to contact an insurance agent. 

Knowing what that number is or where to find it avoids delays in any management you have to do.

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