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How to make the most of a High School in Singapore?

Students consider High school year as an evil as it puts them into a lot of academic pressure, endless responsibilities and no social life or enjoyment. But it is not true, it definitely makes you responsible but being organized, disciplined, staying ahead of your goals will help you see the bigger picture of the High School Singapore. Students will get to learn, explore, and it will prepare them for higher education and future careers. 

Things to do to make the most of the crucial High School in Singapore

Take the Right Classes

Your High school year is important so make sure to enroll in the right classes which can help not only in clearing it with flying colors but also open the doors of top institutions all over the world. Confused about which subjects or courses or classes to take in High School Singapore, it would be best to speak to the counselor for your school and they will provide you with the best advice.

Participate in Extracurricular Activities

High school is not only about academics, but also about other extracurricular activities. Participate in your favorite sports, essay or debate competition,  arts, music or creative program etc as it will polish your skills and demonstrate your willingness to do more. 


Participate in a volunteering program to make a positive contribution to your community. It will boost your confidence by helping others and it will make you feel proud of yourself for doing good things for others. You can guide underprivileged students, participate in fundraising events and more. Pick your free time or weekend time to dedicate some hours for volunteering activities in School in Singapore.

Do an Internship

If you have enough time after school and studies, you can take an internship program which will help you to earn some or provide you professional experience.

It is a great way to explore your interested fields, learn more about other fields and you never know it might lead to a future career. 

Nowadays you have work from home or online internship opportunities which will save your time in traveling and give more time towards learning.

Join Skills Classes

Interested in learning skills? Go for it, dedicate your 1-2 day in weeks to interest based skills. There are various camps in High School Singapore, join classes, ask counselors about the most top skills required or in demand, and learn more on the internet. This will prepare you for the 21st century competitive world.

Keep challenging yourself

It will help you in developing your potential, help you to keep improving day by day, thus invoking the love for learning in you.

For eg:- Read books, stay updated with current affairs and news, trending topics, watch educational programs, listen to some good podcasts etc.

Set Goals and Time Management

Goal setting and Time management is the art which can be developed over the years but it definitely sets you up for success. Setting short and long term goals and achieving them on time will keep you ahead over other students of School in Singapore plus you will get enough time to enjoy the other things that interest you. 

Maintain Balance

Choose subjects that interest you and help you learn more but if you choose subjects that are too tough and it does not create interest it will lead to losing confidence and grades. So take subjects that creates perfect balance interest based subjects (easy and hard)

High School Singapore Tips

  • Avoid social media addiction, restrict your time limit to it.
  • Prepare schedule, notes, set goals, and achieve them through discipline
  • Stay organized
  • Acquire many skills
  • Meditate to lower your stress level 
  • Keep yourself motivated


High school is the perfect time to make the most of the opportunities to know your interests and your strengths. It prepares students in areas of life apart from the classroom curriculum. High school students learn to research, collaborate, and be innovative.

The important thing about high School in Singapore is not about grades, it is about developing skills, gaining knowledge and experience necessary for entry into the top college or top institutions and setting yourself for a successful future. 

Lay the foundation and prepare your mindset and work habits to fully optimize your high school years and hit the ground running for the successful future ahead.

If you’ve found value in this article, Leave your feedback. In case if we have missed adding anything  do let us know and what all other things can be done to make the most of high school year which can help students.



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