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How to Optimise Cash Management with Automated Treasury Services

Optimisation of cash management is one of the biggest challenges most companies face today. The highly competitive nature of markets Companies are forced to be on their toes while managing their funds in today’s highly competitive market. So, how can companies optimise cash management? Automated treasury services are the way to go.

Cash management refers to how companies manage their cash flow within a given period. It becomes crucial for a company to optimise its cash management to make the most out of its available funds and improve its short-term liquidity.

In a 2021 study of treasury organisations, conducted by The Hackett Group, 40% of firms agreed that one of their primary corporate goals was to have a substantial technology platform update or to introduce a new technology.

Automated treasury services provide benefits to both companies and their lenders by helping to simplify treasury services cash management, providing more control and reducing operating costs.  

What is the role of the treasury?

A treasury’s key role is to manage and secure a company’s cash flow and ensure it has the appropriate financial risk management structures and that its overall capital structure is sustainable. A treasury can provide support to a business throughout its life cycle, improving its efficiency and helping it to make the best use of available funds. It is also in charge of maximising cash resources and ensuring that short-term working capital is maintained.

How to automate treasury services

Some of the ways in which companies can automate treasury services are discussed below:

  • Open banking API:

Application programming interfaces (APIs) completely automate data collection from financial transactions across payment systems. Using open banking APIs, businesses that process payments using several bank accounts and financial gateways can combine transactions conducted over different accounts into a single platform.

  • Machine learning/artificial intelligence: 

Accurate cash forecasting, establishing the company’s cash status, and automating the application begins with gaining insight from gathered data. Automated cash management systems use machine learning to assess data and deliver data-driven insight. 

  • Digital tools: 

Despite the growing use of digital technology to perform financial transactions, certain transactions are still completed by hand. Using digitised cash flow technologies, companies can digitise and integrate recorded transactions into cash flow reports and in turn enable the automation of such processes.

  • Cloud technology:

Financial activities generate large data sets continuously in real time. Therefore, it is critical to capture the context around financial transactions and accompanying data. Cloud-based cash management systems offer the scalability needed to manage a company’s massive financial data sets effectively.

How can automated treasury services improve cash management?

Automated treasury services can improve cash management in the following ways:

  • The capacity to collect and evaluate relevant data in real time is one of the most significant benefits of automating treasury services cash management activities. Managers’ decision-making abilities are enhanced through access to real-time information about cash positions and the generation of accurate forecasts.
  • Implementing advanced analytics can greatly increase the accuracy of cash forecasting efforts. Instead of having to depend on historical data, corporate treasuries can now use advanced pattern-recognition skills to discover monthly cash flow trends and seasonal and cyclical fluctuations.
  • Predictive algorithms can help corporate treasury clients improve their cash conversion cycles. Corporate treasurers can use predictive capabilities to identify and minimise potential hazards well in advance.
  • Corporate treasurers can also use advanced analytics models to plan for severe liquidity and market conditions. Models available in the industry today can predict approaching market downturns, allowing corporate treasurers to hedge as needed.
  • The automation of cash management processes can reduce work burden on treasury departments and ensure fewer errors. Automating data collecting improves treasury department efficiency by speeding up cash reporting.
  • Automation technologies can also generate digital invoices and transmit them electronically. In addition, payments can be made rapidly. Instead of chasing down payments with reminders, employees can focus on other work.


Automated treasury services support businesses in managing their bank accounts, finding the right credit terms and operating cash management throughout the business cycle. The services also help business owners make better financial decisions, reduce losses on funds and increase financing opportunities.

The roles of the treasury and the business environment in which it operates are seeing rapid changes. To address this and to empower treasury management teams, businesses have increasingly been relying on automation solutions.

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